The Augustine Hotel is a luxury hotel housed in a 13th-century monastery located in the picturesque Lesser Town district.   While not located in the old town section of Prague, its location between Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge is arguably just as good due to quieter streets and plenty of other tourist attractions nearby.  A few years back there were rumors that Hyatt would take over the property but SPG recently brought this unique hotel into their portfolio.  Surrounded by historic architecture, this property seamlessly blends in with its surroundings providing an authentic Prague experience.

The entrance is down a narrow alley which is easy to miss. Be sure to look for the spotlight if you are arriving at night.

Hotel Lobby



The Augustine hotel is a category 5 hotel which can be booked using 12,000 SPG points or 6,000 points plus 110USD.  During my stay the standard room rate was 650 Euro per night.  So, using the “SPG Cash & Points” rate was a no brainier that provided significant savings since the points were worth about 10 cents per point.

The view out the bedroom was quintessential Prague.


While further from old town Prague than many hotels, this location is still near historical sights and is closer to the airport which makes it a great choice for a long layover.  It also has the added benefit of being closer to less touristy restaurants which is always a good thing.  Charles Bridge and Prague Castle are a short 10 minute walk away.

Neighborhood around the hotel at night was safe, clean, and had great places to eat.

Charles Bridge was an easy 10 minute walk away.

One must have goulash and local beer while in Prague. The “Pilsner Urquell Malostranska Beseda” restaurant around the corner had great cheap food.


Maintaining the historical character both inside and out is was really makes this hotel stand out and provide a unique experience.  Far from being a sterile cookie cutter hotel, the Augustine immerses visitors into the Prague experience by maintaining the building’s historical roots.  The room provided plenty of space, good views, and an oversized bathroom.

The top floor has beautiful wooden beams. Watch your head!

Comfortable beds

Nice little seating area.

Interesting artwork

Toilet and Bidet

Lots of marble and large bathtub.

Bathtub worthy of soaking in.


The historical character of this property really shines through and it really looks like you are staying in a centuries old monastery.  Every window you peer out of has wonderful views of red tiled Prague in every direction.

Hallway leading to bedrooms.

Downstairs hallway leading to bar.

Old fashioned circular stairway.


Room entrance

Beautiful view out of the front of the hotel.

View from a random hallway.

Another random view from the hotel.


In conclusion, the Augustine Hotel is worthy of consideration during a stay in Prague.  While there are many hotel options in Prague, the Augustine provides a truly unique immersive experience that is close to many tourist attractions.   When looking to book a hotel in Prague using hotel reward points, the Augustine provides arguably the best option considering the points rate, location, quality, and ease of access to the airport.