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Highlights: New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge

This large Marriott sits just outside Manhattan, a quick jaunt over in Brooklyn. Next to the MTA and Brooklyn Heights, there are plenty to see and do around, with lots of shops, restaurants, bars, and the like. Highlights of my stay include an upgrade to an executive room (which actually wasn’t all that great) and excellent service. They waived their ridiculous $25/day “mandatory” service fee, which covers things like food & beverage, dry cleaning, and wifi, most of which I was entitled to anyway as a Platinum member.



Upon entry, a mere block or two from the underground metro, simply ascend the escalator and head right, to the check-in desk. The staffer graciously upgraded me to an “executive” room, and waived the service fee that I was dreading. As you may know I’ll always ask to take off inane fees. The worst they can say is no, and I do have good track record of removing them. They directed me to the elevators, and pointed out the bar and lounge on the opposite side of the floor.



This room was slightly larger than a normal room, with a very short and long L shaped couch, views of the street, and a bathroom with two sinks (but only one bar of soap, which defeats the purpose). The widescreen TV was on when I entered, and its placement and the room’s lack of a desk made for a cramped workspace. Not the most ideal, and while I did call to see if there were any other rooms available, they informed me that there was a large group that took the suites, and the online inventory was not yet updated to reflect that fact.



This caters to business travelers as there’s not too much touristy attraction in the area. It definitely had an upscale vibe, which suited my tastes perfectly. A similar hotel in the city was 2-3 times the price for the dates in question, so I was pleased to find this gem.



Their bar is directly behind the escalator on the lobby floor. I also checked out their lounge, available for Platinum guests. In it was an assortment of juices, coffees, teas, soda, and the like, as well as an honor bar where you can charge to your room.  They serve breakfast, both hot and continental, here, as well as hors d’oeuvres and desserts, but I ate elsewhere during my stay.



This hotel (amazingly) has a decently sized lap pool, and a spacious gym with plenty of machines. Of course, going late in the evening you won’t run into people as well.



Were I to come back and not able to find a reasonably priced hotel in the city, I would look again to stay here at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge. With the subway reaching into places like Jersey City and Brooklyn, it’s easy to get to Manhattan in just 20-30 minutes. I especially enjoyed the food and scenery around (such as pho and the Barclays Center) and appreciated the service.



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