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Another Historic Hotel of America and part of Preferred Hotels & Resorts, Hotel Deco in downtown Omaha was a very interesting experience, due to its modern look and feel. Highlights include my delicious lunch at their Monarch Bar, as well as the shoddy internet and condition of my hotel room. Their town car was a great experience, but there are probably better options available for next time.



The taxi dropped me off at what looked like a side entrance, directly across from Omaha’s Orpheum Theater, where a bright display highlighted a run of Wicked which unfortunately had just ended. Checkin is through the doors and to the left, where they informed me that while both elevators go to the residential floors only one goes down to the fitness center. Interesting setup.



This was a basic double queen room, with lovely hallway art, but once I arrived in the room it was as if everything was askance, hit by a tornado. Drawers were left opened, cushions upended, etc. After calling the front desk they assured me this was simply a cleaning where they forgot to put everything back.

Several other items of note, as minor annoyances:

  • Toilet seat was left up from the cleaning. Another sign they did not finish their job.
  • Desk chair was falling apart on one side, as it was not secured properly.
  • Bathroom shower door creaked significantly



Lovely lobby and bar area, and I saw mostly professionals in this hotel.



Breakfast had a decent spread but was nothing special. I had the burger as recommended by the bartender for lunch, which was good as well. Note that before a certain time you are charged “happy hour” price which is close to half off. This wasn’t made clear to me until after the fact when paying.



This gym is in the basement – call the elevator in the lobby by pressing both up and down buttons. You’ll have to ask to get this information, not sure why they don’t put it up somewhere. The basement is uncomfortable and eerie, compounded by the fact that the gym is small, has an open door to an unfinished construction of a whirlpool/sauna, and had a non-stop flickering light when I was there. Problematic for those with epilepsy or similar conditions.



The Hotel Deco house car is a nice Lincoln SUV emblazoned with their logo, and allows for rides and pickups within a few mile radius. Service here is good, but the quality is far below expectations. Additionally, their internet was abysmal, and at no point did it function properly in the room. It is a major pain to have to come down to the lobby to do work or use internet, and I made sure to let them know it. Food nearby (we went to Provisions) LINK was quite good.

All in all, I would not be back to Hotel Deco, not at least until they fixed all their issues.



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