HIGHLIGHTS: Conrad New York Midtown

This hotel, soon after I stayed here, transitioned from the London New York City, an indie boutique hotel, to the Conrad New York Midtown. I especially enjoyed the nice, spacious room, with modern and interesting décor. Because I used someone else’s Hilton certificate (shout out to Jennifer Yellen at @DealsWeLike). I was unable to attach my benefits to the stay, and thus missed out on a complimentary breakfast. However, its convenient location on 54th and 7th made for a pleasant first Conrad experience, close to Central Park, Halal Guys, and Columbus Circle.


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The checkin is right inside on the left, next to the concierge desk. In the middle of the lobby is a huge duck sculpture – with a very clear do not touch sign. Above were beautifully arranged hanging lights. They were unable to upgrade me or apply my Hilton Diamond status or benefits to the reservation – a consequence of my booking through another person’s Hilton certificate. But, they were pretty efficient, and I could hear the concierge helping guests with their reservations and exploration of the city.



This room was quite spacious, with a nice sofa and working area, and a separate bedroom with a large bed. Next to the bedroom was a large closet with plenty of space, leading into the hall-shaped bathroom. The bathroom did feel a bit tight for two people, but we made it work. I enjoyed the décor of the room – something I study, to take notes and see what I would want in my future house. It had such an efficient yet modern look that I want to incorporate some elements.



The elevator banks overlapped on my floor, so we could take either bank up and down to the lobby. I saw many types of older couples here. It was a lively ambiance, with plenty of staffers providing services in the lobby floor.



I was unable to secure benefits for my stay, but they were remodeling the restaurant as well and informed me that the Diamond benefit would have been a $30 credit to room service, where they would also waive the absurd service charge and delivery fee due to it being the only option.

a menu of food on a table

Food Menu



The fitness center was huge, with a wide open area for workouts, medicine balls, and plenty of machines and cardio available for guests. Deifnitely worked up a sweat here. Don’t forget to enjoy the view of people below as you run/bike! I enjoy getting a great view while I work out.



It was a good first Conrad experience (for me). I would consider it again in the future should I need to use my Hilton certificate in New York City. I definitely want to experience what they are like after the full Hilton transition from an indie to a chain hotel, and see what Diamond benefits would get me in the future.

I especially enjoyed the convenience of being close to some of my favorite dining spots in the city, like Halal Guys, Xi’an Famous Foods, and dollar pizza. These are staples of every trip to New York City for me, to enjoy and reminisce about the good old days when I was but a wee student.



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