HIGHLIGHTS: Wynn Las Vegas

I am so, so thrilled to finally write a review of the Wynn Las Vegas. On my previous stay (free one from the Wynn Slots app) I was only in for one night and did not get to fully use the facilities. This time, on a business stay, I got to really explore and enjoy myself. I found the Asian cuisine at Wazuzu and Red8 above expectations, and definitely solid places that I could even see taking my parents. Wynn had a sufficient number of advantage play games, and high-rollers betting thousands of dollars at a time – exhilarating even for me to watch! Table minimums fell as low as $10 during the slow Saturday afternoon, and I was tempted to play but lost enough. Thankfully, the Las Vegas Airport, as it usually does, came through for us, making this the most profitable casino trip of 2019 at +$654! There were some small issues with our room, but they did not detract from the overall stay.


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Lyft & Uber will drop you off at the main entrance, with registration on the right, tucked away. It was a huge check-in lobby with plenty of line space, but as we arrived super late there were plenty of staff to check us in. We got our room – no upgrades available – and headed up.



Upon arriving at our room, we were hit with the stench of faded cigarette smoke, in the non-smoking room. We called the front desk and they said to come down and get a new one, which we did with little trouble. It was slightly frustrating to experience that, and they offered little more than an apology, but no compensation. As it was late we just wanted to get to our food options before they closed.

The next room was a basic King, with plenty of space. The ~$45+ resort fee covers gym access, internet – but only for four devices at 7 mbps. It sounds slow, but was sufficient for my purposes to do work. Additionally, the Alexa system stopped working – and not just in our room, but propertywide, not being able to recognize things like closing blinds or setting timers or anything that a normal Alexa could do. The engineering team told me it was happening everywhere, so I just didn’t use it for my stay. Lastly, the remote controls for blinds/sheers were finicky and not responding properly to touch. I definitely let the Wynn team know that this is not up to the experience and quality that the Wynn is known for.



I took pleasure watching a group of middle aged white guys play craps at a reserved table. I pegged them for financiers or consultants or others working in finance, since they were betting hundreds or thousands of dollars at a time. It’s the highest amount of action that I’ve ever seen – with the group’s leader racking a row of $1,000 chips maybe 60-80 deep. When they 7’d out, I estimated the croupiers collecting approximately $30,000 – on just one side of the table.

Outside of that, it was an interesting mix of people. I saw much more variety playing slots, but I would notice almost everyone on tables happened to be white. Could just be the time I checked (late evening) but thought it interesting. There were of course the standard old Asian and Hispanic people doing the same advantage play route as me.



When we touched down after midnight, we raced to Red8 to get there and place an order before last call. We ordered Thai Iced Tea ($6), a Ma Po Tofu ($19), Phad Thai ($25), Fishball Noodle Soup ($17), and Yangzhou Fried Rice ($23). I was starving after waiting all day to eat a real meal, so we went hard.


I also ate at Charlie’s Bar and Grill – an American establishment in the middle of the Wynn casino floor for a Mushroom burger ($21). The burger was small, there were hardly any toppings, and the meat was quite small. Fries were soggy and crispy, so rather inconsistent. The service just was atrocious. They sat me away from other people, did not pick up my check or acknowledge me quickly, and forgot to charge to the room even though I told them at least twice. I had to mention it again, and I just wanted to get out of there. I do not expect the Wynn to keep this long – how can some place be so bad and in such a nice place?


Lastly, we also ate at Wazuzu – an Asian cuisine located in the Encore. For dinner, we had a thai tea ($5) – less sweet, less creamy than Red8 as well as $1 cheaper – as well as Siu Mai ($11), a Lobster Tempura Roll ($33), and a Shrimp Drunken Noodles ($25). I really enjoyed the drunken noodles, where you can adjust the spicy level, as I am a huge fan of the flat noodles in sauce. The Siu Mai came with copious amounts of shrimp – quite interesting, as the menu said shrimp AND pork but there was lots of shrimp and very little pork. The lobster tempura roll was small, and I would not order that again.


Wazuzu was so good I came back for a second time for lunch – this time just for a Thai Iced Tea ($5) and a Beef Drunken Noodle ($23) I was seated at the edge, with a fantastic vantage point on the key advantage play games in this casino. You might just barely be able to make out the games in the photo.



As this time the resort fee was paid for, I made sure to exercise the benefit and use the fitness center, getting in a quick workout. It was quite large, and even has fitness classes for guests! They do have some lockers for your room keys and other small devices at the front, as well as a sign saying the use of cellphones in the check in area wasn’t allowed. I asked if I could photo it which they allowed though!



I’m happy to finally check off the Wynn from my hotels – been planning a review here for a while but didn’t get to explore the hotel and culinary options until just recently, so this was at treat. We always venture out at hit some favorite spots as well, so see below for the late-night grab&go at Aria Five50 pizza! Thankfully corporate covered the absurd resort fee, more than $50 after tax! Crazy.


I enjoyed gambling here as well – the lady did pretty well! Aladdin’s Fortune is usually bad for me but very, very good for her!



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