I booked a Delta flight for my trip to Hawaii since it was the cheapest option for an Expedia Black Friday vacation package. As a Silver Medallion, and booking a non basic economy fare in fare classes T and X, I thought I would be eligible for upgrades. But, I wrote earlier this week on how the tickets purchased through Expedia didn’t allow for upgrades. Interesting to note for future reference.

Flight Details:

Delta 1149
Los Angeles (LAX) – Honolulu (HNL)
Seat: 40A
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (75G configuration)

Delta 1434
Honolulu (HNL)- Los Angeles (LAX)
Seat: 24A
Aircraft: Boeing 757-200 (75D configuration)

Boarding + Seat:

LAX-HNL (75G configuration)

I strutted my way back to row 40, wowza that’s far back! It was nice to see a blanket and pillow at every seat in the Main Cabin, and this particular Delta 757 looked recently renovated with the slick black IFE systems.

HNL-LAX (75D configuration)

My initial impression of the flight home was less positive than my flight to Hawaii. This plane was so outdated! It still had the old white IFE screens, and the seats looked a bit beat up. Worse of all, the legroom was significantly worse than the Delta 757 on the way there.

In Flight Service:

On my LAX-HNL flight, there was a beverage service one hour in (snack mix or peanuts), and there was one more beverage service 1 hour before landing as well. The negative was that about 4 hours in I went to use the lavatory and it was very filthy.

a bag of chips and a drink on a table

Snack Mix

The HNL-LAX flight was more disappointing, with only one beverage + snack service for the entire flight. The bathroom was not too refreshed as well towards the end of the flight.

In Flight Entertainment:

On the bright side, I love Delta’s seatback in-flight entertainment. I much rather watch a movie on the screen then have to stream off my phone. The movie selection was great with a total of 106 movies on both flights!

Delta 757


But, a huge pet peeve was that the FA and captain announcements were so loud when they take over the IFE sound. They could definitely lower the volume…

The Gogo WiFi was only $9.95 for the whole flight. Pretty good price! Or Delta offers free use of Messaging apps which I greatly appreciate. Looking forward to free WiFi on all Delta flights in the next two years as stated by the Delta CEO.

The Verdict:

Overall, the 6 hours went by pretty quickly with the solid IFE on the Delta 757. Not a bad way to get to Hawaii, but nothing to write home about. I really enjoyed my flight to Honolulu but the plane home showcased more room for improvement.

Comment your Delta experiences below!

Happy travels,