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Welcome to Day 2 of my method to the madness that is New York City! Below you’ll find a comprehensive guide to these must-see spots, divided into a 4 day itinerary. I’ll also include transit information to help you get from place to place — let’s go!

Day 2- Midtown Manhattan

(Times Square, 46th St and Broadway)
Times Square

times-square-new-york-city-at-nightTimes Square

It’s hard to miss this one. Follow the bright lights to the city’s center in Times Square. Do some shopping, catch a Broadway show, or just slowly turn to take in one of the most famous entertainment centers in the world!

(12 minute walk – 11 W 53rd St)
The Museum of Modern Art: MoMA

ny-cu042_moma_p_20140108191902The Museum of Modern Art
Photo: Wall Street Journal

Another incredible establishment for art lovers, MoMA is filled with inspiring modern art. It’s been influential in the development of modern art, and serves a unique experience for it’s visitors.

(4 minute walk – 1260 6th Ave)
Radio City Music Hall

radio-city-music-hall-new-york-thRadio City Music Hall
Photo: The Roosevelt Hotel

Stop by the venue given the nickname Showplace of the Nation to see your next performance! Most famously, Radio City Music Hall is the home for Rockettes, who puts on multiple shows each year with their unstoppable kick line.

(3 minute walk – 45 Rockefeller Plaza)
Rockefeller Center

imageRockefeller Center
Photo: Timeout

Rockefeller Center is a must, especially during Christmastime! Home for the city’s yearly Christmas tree and ice skating rink, this spot is filled and surrounded with countless shops and restaurants to choose from.

(3 minute walk – 5th Ave)
St. Patrick’s Cathedral

front-viewSt. Patrick’s Cathedral
Photo: St. Patrick’s Cathedral

This stunning Gothic style Roman Catholic cathedral stands out boldly against the New York skyline. Located almost directly across the street from Rockefeller Center, this structure is worth stopping by for a walk through. There’s nothing else in the city like it!

(10 minute walk – 89 East 42 St)
Grand Central Terminal

grand-central-terminal-midtown-east-new-york-city-new-york-usa-north-america_mainGrand Central Terminal
Photo: FodorsTravel

This rapid train terminal is a staple in New York’s history and exposure in TV and film. Stop by to admire the beautiful constellation ceiling, grab a bite or hop on a train! There are also a lot of hidden secrets around, my favorite being the Whispering Arch that sends your soft messages over a corridor. There’s lots to be unveiled here!

(3 minute walk – 405 Lexington Ave)
Chrysler Building

chrysler-building-skyscrapers-new-york-city-skyline-roof-darkcyanideChrysler Building
Photo: Untapped Cities – Dark Cyanide

Another standout in the New York Skyline is the Chrysler Building. With its Art Deco era architecture, this structure is striking to look at, especially after dark. Stop by for a photo op, or at least a better understanding of just how clean Miss Hannigan wanted her orphanage to look in Annie!

Believe it or not, this guide just covers 1 out of the 4 days of this guide to New York City! Check out the highlights of Upper, Lower and Downtown Manhattan below!

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