With a schedule that has me in the air 100+ hours per month, I experience my fair share of passengers. And while I appreciate them all (truly, even if they’re difficult they still put food on the table), I can’t help but talk about what I believe makes up the perfect passenger.



It’s always so helpful when passengers are prepared to board the aircraft. All it takes is to have everything you’ll need during the flight already out, or tucked in your smaller carry-on (the one that goes underneath the seat). That way you don’t cause a traffic jam gathering everything when you reach your spot.

Make sure to double check your seat number before boarding to avoid confusion, and move to your place quickly to let others pass behind you. It’s all about efficiency!

Oh! And stowing only your roller board/larger carry-on (not jackets, small bags, etc.) is really appreciated too! Having to check bags is never fun for those unlucky passengers at the end of the line, and it also slows down boarding.



Of course menues vary between carriers and flights, but nothing slows down a service like asking “what do you have?” To get all the info you need, just check the reading material in your seat back pocket! Can’t be bothered to do that? No worries! Just ask us if we have what you want, and if we don’t, we’ll offer similar options (still quicker than naming everything we have on the cart).

Knowing what you want is also super helpful. Minutes can be very precious when trying to complete the service in a timely manner. Any sort of forethought is appreciated when we have 200 more passengers to go!

Also, we’re glad you’ve got a book/movie/etc. to keep you occupied, but it’s great to be mindful when we get close to your row. I’m talking especially to my window seat passengers here, because it’s no fun reaching across other passengers to get your attention. This also gives you a chance to find a good stopping point instead of getting interrupted suddenly!

One last thing here for my first class passengers: taking meal orders is STRESSFUL. This is mostly because catering only provides the exact number of meals, with a limited amount of both. If you have dietary restrictions that keep you from being able to eat your second choice, let that be known right away! Airlines follow different rules in distributing meals, but making your flight attendant aware of your situation can only help. Also if I should be so bold, please don’t take it out on us if we can’t provide your first choice. We wish we could give everyone what they want, I promise! Let us do what we can to accommodate you.



Need an extra beverage, blanket or have trash to pass on? No problem! The best time to let us know is when we’re passing by, or on your way out of the lavatory. Don’t get me wrong, you can ask us at any time, but those times are a bit easier on us!

Additionally, when asking for these favors, we love when they’re treated as such. I always want what my passengers want for themselves, but sadly we will always have limited resources. If we’ve run out of earphones for instance, please don’t get mad at us. We will always help to the best of our abilities, and kindness will always make a flight attendant’s work day so much better.



Similar to boarding, being prepared goes really far! Have all your things together, and mentally go through how you’re going to collect your items quickly when it’s your turn to deplane. This makes things run more efficiently so everyone can get where they’re going faster!

One more thing I’d love to include here is how much we appreciate gratitude. I love people and have a smile that never aches, but sometimes it can be a bit eroding trying to please everyone. Just taking the time to smile at us when you leave has restorative powers. And hey, we can never hurt from too much kindness right?



Well, there you have it! Feel free to pay mind to these guidelines or not, we’ll still be there for you. I just hope they’ll be an aid in providing a safe and efficient travel experience for everyone. 🙂 On behalf of myself and other sky dwellers, thank you for taking the time to indulge us, and safe travels!



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