Hello everyone- Your friendly TU flight attendant is back with another adventure from the force! The scheduling gods were with me the day I got assigned a trip to Amsterdam, but I had little room to plan (and zero time for sleep!). Join my flying partners and I as we explore the city and squeeze as much out of a day as we can!

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A statement of inclusion marks this great city, and provides a worthy photo-op you absolutely cannot miss! The I Amsterdam sign is located in the Museumplein and is frequented by tourists from all over the world.

a group of people posing for a picture in front of a large sign



This quarter marks the space between Amsterdam’s three most acclaimed museums- Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum (more on those two later) and the Stedelijk Museum. It’s a wonderful urban park space, and makes a great spot for a picnic or reading.



There is ALWAYS something going on in Dam Square. Tourists flock through this wide space gaping at it’s historic sights, then stay shop and dine nearby. Lots of culture and life is gathered here, so at least make a point to stroll through!



One of the biggest highlights of Dam Square is the Koninklijk (or Royal) Palace of Amsterdam. Standing boldly on the west side, this palace in the only one in the Netherlands to be actively used AND accessible to the public.

a large building with a clock on top with Royal Palace of Amsterdam in the background



Did you know Amsterdam houses the world’s only floating flower market? That’s right, I said FLOATING. This market lives on house boats and is open all year long! I’ve never seen anything like it. Travel tip: make sure before buying bulbs to check that they are certified to enter your country!




THIS PLACE WAS AMAZING. A friend tipped me to it after seeing a video about it on Facebook (haha, some use in the new algorithm there!). It’s exactly what you think, a marvelous restaurant inspired by the glorious fruit. I enjoyed a poké bowl shaped out of, you guessed it, an avocado! The service and food quality are supreme as well, making it a delicious pit stop.

a plate of food on a table



What’s better than cheese? World famous cheese! Stop in for a sample of this award-winning Dutch speciality with an aged gouda taste (one of my personal favorites). Located just off of Dam Square!



Up to test the claim for “the best fries in Amsterdam?” This spot has got you covered! Walk up to this hole-in-the-wall shop to order, and walk away with a paper cone filled with delicious goodness! Makes for a perfect snack on the go, and definitely topped my list!




This statuesque building marks the Dutch national museum of the art and history of Amsterdam. Even if you don’t have time for a visit, make sure to walk through the pathway through the middle enjoying the building’s beautiful architecture (and sneak peeks through the windows!).

a man riding a bicycle on a street in front of a large building



This deep dive into the life and art of Van Gogh was an absolute highlight of my trip. Multiple stories feature his works and chronicle the timeline of his life, which I found most fascinating. Definitely worth the visit!



My flying partners had a BLAST on this tour! Heineken’s original brewery was nestled in Amsterdam’s city centre. Now it’s the home of this interactive experience, ending with not one, but two brews and one of the best rooftop views of the city! (Pst, Heineken has never been one of my favorites, but I’m here to report that it tastes amazing at the source!)

a group of people standing around large copper tanks



The Anne Frank House is probably one of the city’s most notorious tourist destinations. This museum features the place she went into hiding and wrote her infamous diary. WARNING: it gets SUPER crowded, so plan ahead if you want to see this one!



a woman in a store

PHEW, it was a day! Although my feet ached by the end, every bit of it was worth it. There’s NO WAY I got to everything though, so what did I miss? What do I still need to see? Thanks for joining, and don’t forget to experience it along with me in the vlog!


Talk soon.xx

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