William is the lead travel agent for an irie family of four. He hails from Nashville where his family wanders the world looking to quench their thirst for adventure, laughs and positivity. Live within your means, travel beyond them!

Nashville Travel Meetup at Party Fowl Donelson

Get ready for another travel meetup in Nashville! Next Wednesday, April 3, come network with other travel enthusiasts in the “Hip” Donelson area at Party Fowl. Not only will you gain valuable insight from like-minded travelers, but your attendance will also help you eliminate every reason you’ve come up with NOT to eat Hot Chicken. When in Nashville, you must, I mean must try Hot Chicken. And the best way to try something new or again is with people you have something in common. This will be the second meet-up of the newly created  Music City Miles and Points...

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Nashville Travel Meetup Thursday, February 28

Whether you’re looking for a hidden gem of a restaurant in Rome, searching for the best secret beach on the Pacific Coast Highway or simply looking for a cheap place to lay your head mid-journey in Central America, your best bet is to ask a local. So when the opportunity comes around to meet other like minded travelers to hear their tales, learn their tricks and ride the coattails of others so to speak, take advantage! If you happen to live in Nashville or have looked for an excuse to visit Music City (I mean, who doesn’t?) you need...

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Son of a Breach! Thanks Marriott

2018 has belonged to Marriott no doubt, at least for us travelers and point earners. The news today of Marriott’s new claim as the largest breach in history could have ripple effects for some time. These effects will be felt by not only all consumers who may have frequented Starwood properties but also just about every financial institution. Unfortunately, I will feel both as I’m a part-time travel blogger and a full-time financial executive. Even this morning walking into my 9-5, I could feel it was going to be a topic of conversation. But of course the conversation between...

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Use Chase Pay 5 Times, Get 1500 Points! (Targeted)

Here’s a relatively cheap way to earn 1,500 Ultimate Reward Points using Chase Pay. My wife received an email promoting the opportunity to earn these valuable points by making only five transactions. This offer was on her Chase Sapphire Preferred Card but I’m assuming these may be available on the Reserve as well as other cards in the Ultimate Rewards portfolio. The only stipulation was each purchase must be at least $25 and all purchases must be completed by the end of the year. I checked the app to see if I was targeted and as of now, I...

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Southwest and American Airlines to Settle Lawsuit. Did you Receive a Notice? (Updated)

Update- A few coworkers of mine received this email this morning so it does appear to be a staggered sending of emails. Still nothing in my inbox but spreading nevertheless. This afternoon my wife received an email regarding a lawsuit against American, Delta, Southwest, United, Continental and US Airways. The lawsuit, that all airlines have rejected, states that the carriers listed conspired to increase fares on domestic flights between July 1, 2011 and June 14, 2018 by limiting capacity. Even though the airlines have stated their opposition to the lawsuit and have countered with their own evidence to the...

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Delta Amex Membership Rewards Offer, Get $60 after $300

Delta seems to be grabbing the spotlight late in the year with multiple offers on their routes for discounted points and for the targeted emails that are offering Delta bonuses on the American Express Delta Gold Card without the once in a lifetime language. Now an offer is available on Amex Membership Rewards for $60 off of $300 Delta purchase offer. This should be an easy spend for most folks and a nice little credit coming back for the holiday season. As you can see from above the offer runs through the beginning of the year, so plenty of...

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The One Thing all Point Earners Should Do

Earning and burning points may be one of the most satisfying hobbies a traveler could ever have. It opens up a world of possibilities that may have seemed at one point unattainable. For most it’s just a simple taste that can open the flood gates to more opportunities and more points. But with those points comes more cards, more deadlines and more fees. In order to make this hobby work in your favor at the least possible risk there is exactly one thing that you must be and that is organized. By organization I don’t mean having a nice...

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10,000 Hilton Amex Points for Bare Minimum Spend

American Express has done it again with a 10,000 point offer for only $200 in grocery spend! This is a pretty amazing offer considering that $200 for groceries can be met for many, including my family, in almost one trip. My wife received this offer this afternoon and since she does most of our grocery runs, well the eyes lit up pretty fast. With more than a handful of Amex cards between the two of us, I’ve made the necessary task of having all of our cards accessible. Based on past years, I expect even more offers to be...

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New AMEX Offer Spend $1500, Receive 1,000 Membership Reward Points Up to 3 Times

This nice little gift showed up in my wife’s Amex Platinum this morning. The new Amex bonus offer is to spend $1500 on the targeted card to receive 1,000 bonus points. The kicker is that you can do this up to 3 times. The offer expires November 20 so plenty of time to get an early start on holiday shopping. Easy Points to Attain! If you use your Amex cards for typical spend like we sometimes do, especially when we travel, this can be an easy way to earn some good Membership Reward points. As we all know, Membership Reward...

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Did Amex Just Open the Door for Second Bonus

Waking up this morning I’m wondering if what just happened came true. Did Amex actually just give the green light for a second bonus on the same product? As far as I can tell that appears to be the case! I was not dreaming and all of the follow-up I just completed yesterday all points to great news. It started around late June when Amex sent my wife a targeted email for the Delta Gold Skymiles Amex card. I pretty much took the email with a grain of salt. My wife and I were both targeted for this card...

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