“Crazy Rich Asians” movie and Singapore

I am a sucker for good romantic comedies, so I ended up watching a new movie called Crazy Rich Asians this week.  No movie spoilers here, but one of the things I enjoyed about the movie is actually being able to recognize popular travel sights in Singapore.  Like the Singapore Flyer.  The merlion mascot. Gardens by the Bay.  Even the reference to the Butterfly Garden at Changi airport was fun.  Comically, my own visit to the Butterfly Garden didn’t pan out because I didn’t end up even spotting one butterfly!


Merlion. Image courtesy of pixabay.


Is the Airline Real?

Someone asked me if the characters flew a real airline, and whether there are airlines with First Class cabins that resemble the one depicted in the movie.  Well, wonder no more.  The lead characters flew “Pacific Asean Airlines”, which is a fictitious airline. (I am surprised they didn’t end up partnering with a real airline).

As for the First Class cabin setup, there are airline premium offerings that look similar to what the movie depicted.  For example, the movie depicted a semi circle table bar setup in the First Class cabin.  This reminded me of pictures of the bar onboard Emirates A380 (I’ve not personally flown it).   Of course, the bar depicted in the movie seemed larger than a bar one might reasonably expect in a aircraft.

Emirates Introducing New A380 Business Class Bar With Cafe Tables and Surround Sound


In terms of the bed/seat, the movie’s depiction of the First Class suite reminded me of the Singapore Airline’s First Class Suite, yet somehow with the privacy of the Etihad Residences.

They aren’t exactly the same as in the movies (the movie version seemed more spacious), but they are close enough in terms of resemblance.

Singapore’s Reveal of Brand New Suites Class: Is This The New Best First Class in the World?

Review – The Etihad Residence, Abu Dhabi To Sydney

There we have it. 

What did you think of the movie?  Which airline cabin do you think most resemble the cabin depicted in the movie?