American Airlines removed a passenger from a Dallas to Houston flight on Thursday night, after he wore a gas mask onto the plane.  He was escorted off the flight after he refused to take off the mask.

One curious detail from the accounts of other passengers:  His gas mask didn’t have a filter.  This would make it difficult for him to breathe in it.  It’s a prime example of why face masks may not be as effective if they aren’t worn properly.

While coronavirus has been declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) as a global health emergency, the CDC is not currently recommending Americans in the US to  wear facemasks.

Unless you are a healthcare worker in hospital setting who may be at a higher risk of being exposed to sick patients, the chances of getting exposed to coronavirus is low.  While the focus is on the number of fatality, it is equally important to note that there had been confirmed recoveries as well.  These numbers, of course, will continue to change.


Even as we continue to learn more about coronavirus, the standard practice is true.

Keep abreast of what’s going on in the news.  Wash your hands often.

There is already a general anxiety around the impact of coronavirus.  If you must wear a mask, at least wear the regular ones.  That is, assuming you can find one, as they have been flying off the shelves due to panic buying.

Still, don’t be like that passenger.  Don’t go Darth Vader on the rest of us.