When it comes to airlines, I thought I was decent at identifying the airlines by their logos.  Delta.  AA.  Jetblue. Southwest. BA.  Virgin Atlantic. United, CX, Dragonair, Eva Airways, KLM.   Pretty easy. That is, until I was walking out of a plane last month and I came across this view:

With the exception of Swiss airlines on the far end, I realized then that I couldn’t immediately identify the other 5 airlines in the lineup (though I know one of them is Lufthansa).

Without looking them up, can you identify these airlines just by their logos?


(Update:  Claimed/ Michael B is the first person to get all of them right!)

As a fun incentive, the first person who gets them right: I’ll send a 6 months upgrade code to the AwardWallet Plus service (this works on existing account).  Just add “yes” at the end of your comment so that I know it’s something you are interested in.