If you have an Amex card with the annual credit for the airline incidental fee, January is the month to enroll or change your existing selection to another qualifying airline.

The incident fee credit covers qualifying expenses, such as checked baggage, in-flight refreshments, and flight change fees.  A fellow blogger had covered this topic, so I won’t rehash the details.

Why Delta?

I had selected Delta as my qualifying airline last year, and I’m sticking with that choice for this calendar year.

It’s an easy decision since most of my flights last year have been on Delta.  Since I also don’t have status on Delta, I can make use of the incidental credit fairly easily.  Tip:  You might be better off choosing an airline that you know you will fly on, but where you don’t have status.    

I have a soft spot for snacks, so the in-flight refreshments tend to work for me too.

a menu of a restaurant

December 2019 Snacks Menu


Last month, I had some small leftover credit.  My party and I were traveling on Delta (economy) and I purchased a couple of snack boxes.   I also purchased a can of Pringles, which I finished in record time.

It was a short flight and they were offering some complimentary snacks too, so we didn’t end up eating the snack boxes.  There was a food pantry drive at my local market, and I ended up dropping them off for the cause.   It worked for me.