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HIGHLIGHTS: SLS Las Vegas, a Tribute Portfolio Resort

My second stay at the SLS Las Vegas, comped through play during my first, was vastly different. Not only was service on par with last time (resulting in plenty of frustration), I did not receive any Platinum benefits as it was a comped room. None the less, the food was again, decent, and I got to explore more of the the SLS in a culinary way.



Same as before, if you have a car driving you from McCarran, don’t take the Las Vegas Strip, go behind the back to the other entrance and it will be much more efficient for you.



This was a basic room with a King bed I believe, but very small and compact. Thankfully, I was only here for a night, but it was a major step downward from my nice suite. I did like the setup of two large mirrors on each side of the room, as you could light them up and they would reflect each other.



Escaped the National Finals Rodeo, so no more inane country music blasting everywhere. Much more subdued and quiet, even on a Sunday night before a Monday holiday.



I was able to get two $10 dining credit vouchers at the SLS Las Vegas, as well as breakfast (once I spoke with my Starwood concierge who worked some magic). The 24/7 Northside café was good again, however I have a bone to pick about their gai lan, which should have leaves rather than just being the stems. Their Siu Mai was decent, but their fried rice and eggplant dish were still tops.


I was also able to finangle a drink ticket, and spent it at Perq to try their strawberry banana smoothie. I believe it is a 16 oz, so on the smaller side, and also does not have the consistency of Jamba Juice – it was far too watery. Their Southwest Chicken Salad held up for about four hours without refridgeration, and kept me company at the airport as I hunted my machines.



I worked out in my room this time, especially as I had spent the entire day walking around the airport.



Overall, I wouldn’t stay as the SLS Las Vegas again without some amazingly crazy deal – the resort fee is high, and their location is poor. I won’t get any points or amenities on comped rooms, either. The food was good (and I have a $50 credit to use for next time) so that is one of their redeeming qualities.


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