HIGHLIGHTS: Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar @ Park MGM Las Vegas

After dining at La La Noodle in Park MGM, we crossed the casino and found Mama Rabbit Mezcal + Tequila Bar, next to Best Friend on the property’s South side. Highlights include their expansive Mezcal and Tequila menu (obviously), as well as the fantastic service of our bartender explaining the history and backstory of both the drinks as well as the establishment. They also have a great lounging and gaming area with another bar (closed when we went), open Wednesday to Saturday for people to sip and drink and gamble, with live music and entertainment! Perhaps I’ll come back to experience that in the future.


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We high-tailed it over from La La Noodle , stuffed full from fantastic Asian cuisine, to check out the latest bar in Park MGM. It’s located on the south side of the property, next to Best Friend. Cursive title, with a bright flowery ornament over the sign, but otherwise nondescript. Although, they have some nice glass architecture where you can see the bar, bottles, and inside vibe.



When we entered it was quiet, with only a few patrons at the front bar. To be expected for a Tuesday evening – especially on Christmas Eve! However, our amazing bartender Israel did tell us that it gets much busier later in the week as well as weekends, probably because they open the back lounge and gaming area – with several tables of blackjack and roulette – from Wednesday to Saturday. Gaming starts at 8pm, with live music – on a small stage! – starting at 9pm.

They have two unisex bathrooms in the back – probably not large enough for a packed bar, and interestingly enough, a door leading to the Best Friend dining room – for when you’re hungry!

One stickler point for me – is that they have one roulette table with triple zero. This represents a house edge of 7.69%, which is nearly 50% more than the standard double zero house edge of 5.26%. It’s a bad bet as a regular game, and even worse now! Of course, if the demand is there and they are still busy with this, more power to them. No problems with casinos putting out their games and no sympathies for the players who don’t know better!



They have a massive drink menu – with a huge book of all the types of Mezcal and Tequila they serve! They also had a small food menu, and put a great set of Tequila and Mezcal flights to get people introduced. More advanced drinkers can peruse their large menu of many different flavors and bottles. While the prices seemed sort of reasonable for bottle service – $100-$200/bottle – note that the menu specifically states that the bottles are 375ML, or half the standard 750L bottles.



Our stomach (and liver) capacity was near full, so we were only able to taste a small range of drinks – one round of cocktails and a taster flight of mezcal.

The Dama Blanca ($19), with egg white and a flower petal, was tasty – like a fluffy egg. Guelaguetza Cocktail ($16) was smoky, solid and strong – be sure just to sip! It’s designed to impress, as the bartender will come over with a small smoke machine to insert into the bottom cup of the drink, making a smoky visage. Lastly, the Salt of the Earth ($20) was smooth – note the kick of the salt on the rim after your first sip! It was light, like a friendly and sweet drink.

Then came a flight of sipping Mezcal. Prolijo Mezcal first, which was freshly distilled and takes seven years to grow! It was smoky and pretty smooth, burning me up from the inside. Of course, I am no Mezcal expert so that may be just my experience.

Next was Don Amado Anejo, made of Agave Espadin, vanilla, caramel, oak, aged for seven years as well. It was fragrant, with vanilla hints and the smell of vanilla extract, and without the burning sensation of the Prolijo!

Last was the Los Nahuales Tobala, with 20% wild agave and taking 15-20 years to grow. It was the most smoky one we tried, tasting like gasoline (of course that could be the 106pf!), with spicy and earthy notes.

Each flight came with oranges and gusano salt, as well as Oaxacan Truffle chocolates. Dip the orange in the salt after drinking.



While we weren’t able to experience more of the menu, I enjoyed tasting and hearing more about the backstory of Mama Rabbit and the Mezcal menu and offerings. They had been open for about four months, and planned to redo the menu to slim down their offerings to just what you can get on a regular basis. By reducing the tequila and mezcal menu, they can concentrate on more popular items, improve profit margins by lowering costs, and stock those products with better availability. Israel told us he was impressed with the depth of knowledge of patrons on mezcal, especially because they serve about 400-500 brands. The bar had a mixologist hired to develop the menu, and most were made specifically for this bar. I would come check it out in the future to see how busy it can get and perhaps play at some tables.

If you’re a novice at tequila or mezcal, want to try it out, or an expert who has done this a thousand times, come and check out Mama Rabbit – these bartenders are knowledgeable and will ensure you have a great time!



Sponsored – this restaurant review is sponsored by the establishment and property in general. No additional compensation was received for this post other than the exchange of product.

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