Lufthansa have unveiled their new livery which you can see above on a Boeing 747-8. It is a bit of a change for the German carrier as they have always had some golden yellow in their colour scheme.

Initial comments have been interesting, with comparisons being drawn with other airlines. One immediately stood out to me, and another came from the online hive mind.

The Lufthansa Livery Is Blue Qantas

Coming from Australia, I immediately thought it looks very similar to the Qantas livery, only blue. Have a look at this and tell me you can’t see the resemblance.

While I understand a white scheme makes it much easier to paint the aircraft, it is a little too common for my liking. White paint also reflects heat so I get that aspect too, but it doesn’t make for an interesting looking aircraft.

How About Syrian Air?

The other airline that I saw mentioned as similar to the Lufthansa livery more than once online is Syrian Air. While not quite as obvious as the Qantas example above, the tails are certainly quite similar.

Of course, the majority of the travelling public probably has no idea about Syrian Air. They don’t come to mind immediately when I am thinking of an airline to travel on anyway.

Overall Thoughts

A change to an airlines colours is always a big deal. The large and long established carriers generally rely on a tweak to the existing livery, such as what Qantas have done several times since the current basic scheme appeared in 1984.

More radical changes such as the American Airlines rebrand are more unusual, but far more interesting from my perspective. That being said, the new Lufthansa livery is very elegant looking and it has a timeless aspect to it that I like.

What do you think of the new Lufthansa livery? Thanks for reading and please leave your comments or questions below.

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Qantas image by Li Pang via Wikimedia Commons.
Syrian Air image by Ole Simon via Wikimedia Commons.