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Highlights: Hyatt Regency Toronto

This hotel was a breath of fresh air after my experience at the Park Hyatt Toronto. The Hyatt Regency was a little more modern, little more chic, and was a great change of pace. We were in downtown proper, close to Chinatown, Rogers Centre, and CN Tower. Also, the Hyatt Regency Toronto was a much better use of a category 1-4 Free Night Certificate. Highlights include the décor (beautiful, modern architecture and interior design) as well as the location.



Check-in was standard, but an interesting twist was that they accepted my California state ID as proof of identification – I always through those were not valid and you had to use your passport! They allowed us to check in early. I don’t believe they provided us an upgrade, but if they did it was one of those “higher floor/better views” upgrades that I do not value.



This room, while standard, looked nice. Excellent paneling in the bathroom, beautiful, sleek cabinets, great views of the streets and hotel pool, and more. I was also impressed with the style of the doors that I took a picture of those as well!



What a beautiful door

This caters heavily towards families and groups of young people – convenient location and reasonable price makes for a great business combination. Note that the hotel elevators are secured in the evening – showing your key is required to access. Of course, all Hyatt Regency keys look the same, so what’s stopping someone from using a previous key to go up/down? The elevators themselves are not card operated.



As we are merely Hyatt platinum, we were not entitled to any complimentary food or drink. There is also no lounge to speak of.



This fitness center seemed a bit small for the size of the property, but when we were there it was empty and we did not encounter anyone else. It does have great views of the giant skyscrapers across the street.



This is a stay I would repeat more on a touristy aspect – I’d love to visit the nearby attractions. It’s a reasonable hotel for a reasonable price, and with several great eateries  nearby, the Hyatt Regency Toronto’s quaint charm was attractive.


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