One thing that mildly irritates me at the airport is the families with children – particularly those with quite big children – pre-boarding before everyone else. Watching a family with teenage age children taking advantage of boarding first makes me raise an eyebrow.

Pre-boarding for families with small children is part of the boarding process for most airlines. It struck me recently that it may not actually be needed.

Should Families Get Priority?

I recently flew with Ryanair a couple of times and it struck me that they do not pre-board families with children. If you have Priority Boarding, you board first and otherwise you get in line just like everyone else.

With this policy they still get the flights away on time when there are families with children flying with them. Therefore, why should people travelling with children get priority? I always thought it was to save time for everyone else during boarding.

Those Who Take Advantage

Everyone has seen the family that takes advantage of the situation. Used to flying and getting on first since they first had babies, they still waltz on ahead of the other passengers with their teenagers.

It is particularly annoying for those people who may be flying in first class or business class and have paid to be able to get on first if they so wish. Gate agents often don’t police this as it would take longer to stop it than to just let the people go on.

Is The Solution An Age Restriction?

Perhaps there should be a cut off point. I would think that once a child is going to school – so around age five – there is no longer any need for them to have extra time to board.

When it comes to babies and the very small children, I totally understand the parents may need extra time. Once kids are in school, definitely not.

Overall Thoughts

My thoughts are pretty clear on the matter. What do you think? Perhaps you travel regularly with your posse of children in tow and will have some stories to share. Maybe you’ve witnessed some brazen behaviour that would be worth hearing?

Either way, I’d love to hear your comments below. Thank you for reading!

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