Get the balance right. Over and over I tell myself this mantra, almost to the point where feel I’m trying to make myself believe it. Welcome to my blog, M.A.D. Trippin (Mom & Dad Trippin’) where I search for that fine line between work and play. Here to speak for that working stiff that toils day in and day out searching for the meaning of life, or at least a cup of coffee.


Like many of you, I too, would love to sweep off my desk into a box, give my final salute and march off to the clear blue waters and spend the rest of my days making sure I covered every bare spot of my body with sunscreen. But, that of course is a luxury best reserved for those with nerves of steel or a bunch of money buried in their backyard. So, between those weeks when I must report to a higher authority, at least the one that signs my pay stub, I’ll give you my humorous yet realistic approach on how you too can find balance in your life by seeing the world beyond your office window. My posts will vary from subject to subject, but the goal and target is always the same thread. Happiness and eliminating stress, or at least reducing stress, through travel.

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I have my life and then I have My Life. My given descriptions are husband, father and banker. More specifically marketing is my forte so my banking background is not so much counting money but making money look and sound better, like this is ever a problem. But it’s my career. It’s what pays the bills and keeps us functioning at a level to get by in life with a smile on our faces. And then there’s that other profession, the one I don’t get paid monetarily, but still the one that pays me back the most. That position? “World Traveler”. In a life where the most successful people take risks to follow their passions, I stand firm with the delicate balance, to an extent. Two lives, two rewards. One is more in the monetary range, the other, sanity. In my quest to coexist with these two very different lives I’ve found that there has to be an army of overpowering opinion in the fight against the American standard of vacations.


We are an overworked society that pays little respect to the concept of downtime and actually prefers the people we supervise to feel an underlying level of guilt when said downtime is taken. It is that very reason I’ve felt the need to let the world, or at least the few individuals who stumble on and read my blog know that we are the minority. Our frantic lifestyle has gotten us to this point. Battered, bruised, but not broken. And as long as we can truly realize the good things in life, and understand that you need not work till your hands are bloody, you too can have the correct balance. It’s a matter of breaking habits and finding that you need not walk away from your current life to see good things happen. You can still maintain the 9 to 5 and be that world traveler that you have always envisioned and I’ll help you find that balance. Remember, you just have to step out and see the world through some different scenery sometimes. I look forward to letting readers see that life is much bigger than that office you sometimes unfortunately call home.


Live Within Your Means, Travel Beyond Them