Star Princess:

Type: Balcony
Cabin: C743 (9th Floor)
Location: Aft/Rear

The Cabin:

We got the configuration of the cabin to have two twin beds and the beds were okay, the comfort level of a 3 Star Hotel. The sheets were a bit too thin, and the pillows a bit lumpy. It was mostly clean, except for the balcony chair. A bit dusty, if I have to be a bit picky.

I thought the room was small (I mean it is a cruise), but not as small as I thought it would be. My friend Noah, who has been on ten cruises said the room was a decent size compared to other cruise lines. Our balcony cabin had a desk and I thought it was funny that the hair dryer was there. Our balcony was the last cabin before the backward facing rooms and our balcony was bigger than most balconies as it had extra room on the side.

Tyler’s Travel TIP: when I was booking cabins, I noticed deck 11 had smaller balconies than deck 9. Our balcony was actually bigger than my parents mini suite, which makes sense as the mini suites are larger in terms of indoor cabin space. The Mini Suite is practically the same as the Balcony cabin expect there is a tub and a living room with couch (and smaller balcony area).


The bathroom in our cabin was small but adequately designed. The shower was so tiny! I mean, I’m pretty skinny and I bumped myself quite a bit in there. However, the closet space was very good! I did get annoyed at all the hangers rocking and hitting the walls on the first night, so I took down all the hangers and shoved them into the drawers. The good news is that there are a lot of drawers in the cabin.

More on the Cabin:

With our room being in the back of the boat, it did have significant shifting due to the vibrations of the thrusters. My parents’ mini suite was mid-ship and the vibration/shaking was much less. I got used to the vibrations and the only night that was hard to sleep was the first night.

Our cabin stewardess was nice, and always saying hi to us. He worked from 7:30-2:30pm and 5:30pm -9:00pm. I felt like that was a lot of hours but I guess at sea, there are different rules and regulations.

On an overall note of service, it was a bit weird that all the staff seemed sad on the last day and it made the cruise seem a bit melancholy.

The Verdict:

The cabin was outdated, yet functional. The balcony was the highlight of our room as it was HUGE.

Not so good on cleaning

Not so good on cleaning

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