I flew to Cairo, Egypt the day after Christmas for some needed R&R. I chose Egypt because of its low COVID cases and its low tourism as a result of much of Europe being in lockdown at the time.

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Economy Class

The flight from Washington Dulles (IAD) to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) was a Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner. The flight took off at 5:25 pm and it arrived in Germany the following day at 6:10 a.m. One thing I noticed as I sat in my seat was my headphone adapter blocks the USB port to charge my phone. This could be a problem if you have a neighbor next to you who already plugged in their electronics in the power outlet.

United Airlines Economy Class Monitor

Economy Class Monitor

United Airlines Economy Class Window

My favorite part of the Dreamliner is the auto-dimming function on the windows

United Airlines Folding Tray

I’m more of a fan of the bi-fold tray as they take up less room when you’re done eating.

a power outlet with a green light

Two 110v power outlets are located on the bottom

Meal Service

I was happy the meal service didn’t consist of any box meals for an international flight however the breakfast was disappointing as it was only a small yogurt and a biscotti. The flight attendants give your snack, meal, and dessert all at once to minimize walking up and down the aisle.

food on a tray


United Airlines Economy Breakfast


Overall Thoughts

The only difference I noticed from this flight from pre-covid flights was the meal service. And of course, everyone wearing masks. The flight went smoothly and the flight attendants were great. I’m happy to see things on United Airlines are getting back to normal and I’m looking forward to my next international flight.