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Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Conrado has been a passionate AvGeek as long as he can remember. He travels often between his two homes- one in Philadelphia, where he is a full-time law student at Villanova University School of Law, and the other in San Juan, where his family lives. He says "I want to inspire my generation to get on their feet and explore the world, and help them maximize their time, money, and points to make these experiences within their reach."

My First: American First Class Transcon Review

Note: There’s nothing like the first time. No, I’m not talking about anything along those lines, but my first time flying First Class. I always dreamed about writing up this trip report, but for a few years, I lost the SD card with all the photos. I will make a “throwback trip series” about the few flights I took on that occasion. Most of them have since evolved, and I will try to note where they have changed. Here is my American Airlines First Class Transcon Review! I hope you enjoy this series!    American First Class Transcon Bottom...

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Thai Airways First Class Lounge Review BKK

Thai Airways First Class Lounge Bottom Line Thai Airways ground experience is one of the best in the industry. The lounge itself might not be the greatest lounge in the world, but the staff’s attention to detail is superb. There is also the option of booking an hour-long massage from the Royal Orchid Spa, which is a blissful experience. The food was the only thing that left something to be desired, but overall an excellent experience. The Good: Semi-private rooms to relax with TVs that can access CNN International and BBC World News, as well as superb staff.  The...

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Araliya Lounge Colombo Review

Araliya Lounge Colombo Bottom Line Colombo Airport has a few lounges you can access, either via Priority Pass, airline elite status or flying in a premium cabin. I had a chance to try out the Araliya Lounge in Colombo and was both disappointed and amused. The lounge gets a solid PASS grade, but definitely a C, maybe C+. The Good: Hot food available, and open 24 hours. The Bad: They had two toilets for the whole lounge. They smelled like they hadn’t been cleaned the whole day. There ~was~ a shower, but it was closed.  The Noteworthy: There were...

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American Flagship Dining LAX Review

American Flagship Dining LAX Bottom Line The most first-class part of the whole Flagship First experience, Flagship Dining lived up to the hype. A private dining area with excellent meals and super attentive service means that you will be well taken care of during your time there.  The Good: Excellent food and very attentive service. I was well taken care of. The Bad: Honestly nothing, the dining area remained quiet and peaceful.  The Noteworthy: Flagship Dining food far surpasses anything you can get on board an AA Flagship First flight.   Access to Flagship Dining LAX  Access to American...

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American Airlines Flagship First Tokyo-Los Angeles

American Airlines Flagship First Bottom Line Although American offers a solid business class hard product on their 777-300s, their First class leaves much to be desired at every corner. The entire experience I would label as a good business class, and nowhere near the best business class in the world.  The Good: More food options than in Business. Better stocked amenity kits and wider seats.  The Bad: Does not meet the expectations of even an average First Class experience.  The Noteworthy: Cabin crew were somewhat friendly, but not sufficiently polished to consider them “Flagship First” cabin crew.    Getting...

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Aerolineas Argentinas: Working Out a Niche

Aerolineas Argentinas, Argentina’s flag carrier and largest airline, finds itself in a crossroads: strong potential for growth, constrained due to partnerships and the local economy. Aerolineas, a company with almost 70 years of experience, has weathered through dictatorships, democracy, war, and economic crises. Throughout their history, they have been beaten but remained standing. Currently, a nationalized airline, the carrier has become a symbol for the people of Argentina, much like tango and the Gaucho. The burning question is whether they will be able to carve out a niche in a very competitive market and survive the turbulent economic environment...

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Air Tahiti Nui Business Class Review CDG-LAX

Air Tahiti Nui Business Class Bottom Line Air Tahiti Nui provides a unique experience crossing the Atlantic. The airline’s warm crews, solid food and Tahitian pride make this flight a real treat. The Good: Warm crews that exude passion for their job and pride for Tahiti. A well stocked amenity kit and solid food offerings round it up.  The Bad: Award availability can be spotty. 2x2x2 business class is not my favorite configuration. The seats can feel narrow when in lie flat mode.  The Noteworthy: I can’t say enough nice things about this crew. They were warm, attentive, proactive...

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Atlanta SkyClub Terminal F Review Delta Airlines

Atlanta SkyClub Terminal F Review Bottom Line  As far as regular business lounges in the US go, the Atlanta SkyClub Terminal F is one of the best. With the amount of space, nice shower suites and terrace, it’s pretty hard to beat! The Good: An amazing terrace with tarmac views! The Bad: This is the equivalent to an Admirals or United Club. It can’t compete with the Flagship or Polaris Lounges from Delta’s competitors.  The Noteworthy: There are nap rooms. When I was there, they were taken and as soon as one opened up, it was grabbed by someone...

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Cathay Pacific Kuala Lumpur Lounge Review

Cathay Pacific Kuala Lumpur Lounge Bottom Line Cathay Pacific’s small lounge at KUL seems like an unnecessary space. The much larger, and much better, Malaysia Airlines lounge would be a better option for the Hong Kong-based carrier to contract out.  The Good: Nice tarmac views. The Bad: Nothing was bad, per se, but it was just a small and simple lounge.  The Noteworthy: Sadly, nothing was noteworthy.   Lounge Entrance The lounge is located in one of the spurs of Kuala Lumpur International Airport’s international terminal. It is labeled from the outside as the Cathay Pacific Lounge, for OneWorld...

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Lufthansa A340 Business Class Review

Lufthansa A340 Business Class Review Bottom Line Lufthansa has one of the absolute worst business class seats I have ever sat on. It was so bad, that I left the plane with a sore shoulder from sleeping, and an aggravated injury in my back after trying to lounge on the chair for 7 hours. The crew was very kind and polished. The food was average, at best. I would rather fly in their more comfortable premium economy on a short flight, than fly on this seat again.  The Good: Lufthansa crew is very professional. They were on top of...

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