I’ve flown on several airlines going to Asia in Business Class but I wanted to experience Economy Class this time around with American Airlines. The Tokyo Olympics are only a few months away and I wanted to see which U.S. airline would be the best to make the journey to Tokyo in the summer.

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American Airlines Economy Class Seat

Economy Class is in a 3-3-3 seat configuration on the 787-9 Dreamliner. A USB port and audio jack sit below the monitor.  In the middle of the seat is the remote control to navigate through the on-board entertainment system. Next to the remote is a power outlet to charge any bigger electronics you might have. I prefer this setup compared to other airlines who provided only 2 power outlets to share among 3 seats in economy class.

American Airlines Economy Monitor

Economy Class Monitor

Seat Control and Power Outlet

Seat Control and Power Outlet



I was surprised by the quality of my lunch however my breakfast sandwich was terrible. I could have gone to McDonald’s and gotten a better tasting breakfast sandwich than the one I was served.  The buns were rock solid and the cheese was dissolved into the bun due to overheating in the microwave.

American Airlines Lunch


American Airlines Breakfast


Overall Thoughts

American Airlines is one of the few airlines I’ve completed the trifecta (First Class, Bussiness Class, and Economy) with. Sadly, First and Bussiness class isn’t too much different from one another besides the extra room in First Class. Now, flying in Economy Class was a good experience but I do feel American Airlines need to revamp their catering service. They didn’t provide a Japanese menu and the breakfast meal was disappointing. When I have flown on Delta to Tokyo, they provided a western and Japanese menu. If food quality isn’t a big priority for you, I would recommend flying American Airlines to Tokyo. The on-board entertainment had a great selection and the flight attendants were helpful.