Over the past weekend, I was doing some spring cleaning and magically found my long-lost SD card. I was sure that I had lost it in transit during one of my trips because I looked everywhere for it when I came back home. Although this trip report is nearly 2 years old, I still wanted to share my experience with you.

Finnair A350

Finnair A350

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Business Class Seat and Controls

Finnair’s Business Class is in a 1-2-1 seat configuration. Luckily for me, business class was nearly empty on my flight to Seoul and made it easier to vlog without trying to be considerate to the passengers next to me

Finnair Business Class Seat Controls

Seat Controls

Finnair Amenity Kit

Amenity Kit

Finnair Business Class Monitor


Meal Service

For my welcome drink, I went with their signature cocktail which consisted of Kyro Gin (Finnish Gin) and blueberry juice. I’m not a big gin guy but Finnish gin is probably the smoothest I’ve ever had.

Finnair Signature Drink

Signature Drink

For dinner, I had to make a special request on their website as they don’t offer it on the plane. My special request was reindeer meat. I was kind of curious but scared of trying the meat I never had, let alone on an airplane.

Finnair Dinner


For dessert, I had some cheese with crackers and a glass of wine. Shortly after, the flight attendant came with ice cream and told me I had to try it as it was one of her favorites. I’m a big dessert guy so it didn’t take much to convince me otherwise.

Finnair Dessert


Overall Thoughts

I normally fly Asian carriers and in my opinion, they set the standard for service. I was pleasantly surprised by the level of service Finnair provided through my flight. The flight attendants were attentive and made sure I was well taken cared of the whole flight and even gave me some insight into Finnish culture. The food was delicious and I had no complaints. I would definitely fly Finnair again and try a longer route to enjoy the service a little bit more.