This was a unique flying experience, because we landed with six passengers in two business class seats. Other than that, it was the exact same aircraft with the exact same cabin configuration in Gulf Air Business Class from Bahrain to Cairo.

This trip is a continuation of my journey to India that I did last year. Other parts of the trip are in the series of articles:


The service and amenities were the same as my prior flight from Mumbai to Bahrain.

Food & Beverage

One of my favorite things about Gulf Air is their vegetarian option on the flights. As a vegetarian, over many years, I have been conditioned to believe that special meals is the only way to ensure a vegetarian meal. However, in recent times, more airlines have started offering a vegetarian option on their on-board menu. Gulf Air is the only airline, where despite my Asian Vegetarian Meal request, I have always requested for the on-board menu. Each time they tell me it might be difficult. But each time, when the main course has been served, it was always off the regular menu.

On my flight to Cairo, it was no different. I opted for the lasagna from the onboard menu.

The meal service started off with a salad appetizer and garlic bread on the side. Followed by a vegetarian lasagna and chocolate cake.

a plate of food with fork and knife

Salad and Garlic Bread to start off dinner service


a plate of food on a table

Lasagna for the main course

All the meals were delicious, and I do not regret skipping the Asian Vegetarian option at all.

Landing with six passengers in two business class seats

Before I knew it, we were preparing to land.

As we approached the runway, four children ran from Economy Class and took one parent and one sibling lap. The crew kept on shouting to stay seated, however, the kids were having none of it.

Ultimately, we landed like this:

It was definitely a surreal experience, but I am glad everyone was safe.


I would have likely never written a post about this flight. However, the landing, with six passengers in two business class seats was a unique experience which I hope to never replicate again.