You would think as an aviation kind of person who likes to travel that I would have used all the airports in Ireland. Sadly, this isn’t the case and after 15 years of living here some are still missing from my list. I have used many of them though, with Dublin and Shannon being top of the list.

I have also been to Galway and Waterford, before they closed to regular passenger traffic. One of the most scenic approaches in the world lived up to the hype when I visited Donegal. In Northern Ireland, I have been to Derry to see the famous city walls, and also flown out of Belfast City Airport. There are some still on my to do list.

Four Airports In Ireland Still To Visit

Cork Airport in the south west of the country is the most obvious one. It is the second largest airport in the Republic of Ireland, with services to Europe. No doubt it would probably have US services if not for the existence of Shannon. The easiest way for me to use it would be either to or from London, so I must keep it in mind.

Kerry Airport is located at Farranfore in County Kerry. There are two domestic routes in Ireland, operated as a Public Service Obligation (PSO) where the Government pays a subsidy for the services. One is Dublin to Donegal, the other is Dublin to Kerry. As the airport is the only one in the whole country with a train station, I plan to train down and fly back sometime. Other European cities are served from here by Ryanair.

Knock Airport is located in the west of Ireland in County Mayo. Services are operated by Ryanair and Aer Lingus to the UK. Likely I’d use their airport to get to or from London Gatwick, but getting to the airport might not be so easy!

Belfast International is the last airport I need to try. Using easyJet to or from London might be the best option, as it’s been a long time since I’ve flown with the big orange!

Overall Thoughts

I’m lucky that there aren’t too many airports in Ireland. Imagine if I lived in the United States, where there are airports all over the place. I’d have a hard time ticking them all off the list, that’s for sure!

The regional airports are very small indeed. Usually two check-in desks, one small baggage belt, one security scanner. Seeing how different it is to the huge facilities I usually experience is actually rather fun.

Have you visited many of the airports in Ireland? Perhaps you’ve had cause to fly into a tiny airport before. What was that like? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Photogoddle via Wikimedia Commons.
Cork Airport by J. Stiegler via Wikimedia Commons.