Amex’s most recent results provided a few insights which were unexpected. Firstly, Amex is actively closing customer account that it deems to be inactive. Secondly, the company plans to scale back card acquisition efforts. That and a lot more as we wrap up the stories we covered over the last week.

Amex closing inactive customer accounts, acquiring fewer customers

Amex’s most recent results hinted at how it’s making swift changes in response to shifting market dynamics. Amex is actively closing customer accounts that it determines as inactive. However, Amex execs didn’t quite specify what time period they use in order to determine that an account is inactive.

Did breach expose Instacart customers’ credit card data?

Instacart denies it, however security firms point out that this has indeed transpired. However, Instacart states that customer credentials were stolen from accounts with other websites. This impacted customers who used the same password for Instacart as well as other websites.

As second stimulus check looms, is the $4,000 travel credit dead?

While negotiations are under way, we may soon see a second round of stimulus checks sent out. In this post, I argue as to why that’s a much more practical idea than the supposed travel credit proposed by the U.S travel association.

IATA predicts that air travel may not recover until 2024

Over the last few weeks, I’ve extensively covered travel restrictions that many countries have put in place. As case numbers surge worldwide, many countries who’ve lifted restrictions are now reinstating them. The IATA prediction sounds a grim warning to the travel industry as it estimates that we won’t see any signs of normalcy until 2024.

How to get the best possible credit card retention offer

Amid a global pandemic and a recession, many people are reevaluating their travel plans for the near future. In these times, high annual fee credit cards aren’t providing much value as people largely stay at home. In such a case, what should you do? Should you simply cancel your card? In this post, I highlight the various tips and tricks you can use to get the best possible retention offer for your card.


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