Many young people choose to go traveling instead of or before going to college. Such a choice has risen in popularity over the past decades. It is interesting that particularly young people are so keen on seeing the world. In a way, it becomes their school of life. Some may even argue that such a form of learning is more practical and valuable than traditional education. Though, how true is that statement? Let’s see five reasons why traveling can become a more valuable experience than going to college.

Personal Growtha small plant growing out of sand

Young people spend about four years of their lives locked in on campuses, libraries, and part-time jobs. They gain their knowledge of the world from books and lectures. However, such lessons don’t prepare them for the real-world struggles expected of them after graduation. As a result, the majority of college graduates feel lost and adrift after finishing school. They no longer live by a timetable and have all their weeks planned for them. Travel experiences, on the other hand, teach young people how to take responsibility, show dedication and courage, and live independently. They have to make numerous decisions throughout the trip; every day is different. Such life lessons result in fast personal growth and help young people determine their real selves. So, it’s best to find homework help with ScamFighter services and take off on an adventure every once in a while. Even short travel experiences can better prepare students for the world outside campus walls than teachers may ever do.

Unique Experiences

Travel experiences can drastically enrich students’ lives and provide them with unique and valuable lessons. Of course, students receive plenty of lessons in school. However, they learn the same as hundreds of other students every day. Not many such lessons will give them an edge later in life. On the other hand, travel experiences are highly personal and inspire unique, fresh opinions and ideas. a camera and a backpack on a map

New Life Lessons

We don’t know much about the world or ourselves before we start college. Teenagers choose a profession and school without imagining how large their prospects and opportunities can get. Traveling can help young people expand their horizons, exploring the world with its endless possibilities. Such experiences can demonstrate various career options, lifestyles, and business ideas young people may pursue instead of or after college.  Also, the world can be a more diverse and powerful teacher than any school can ever be. Schools provide young minds with strict curriculums, traditional lessons, and old knowledge. This form of learning doesn’t allow much creativity or freedom of mind. Yet, traveling gives people quite the opposite result.

Mental Health

Finally, the current state of mental health among younger generations is anything but encouraging. More young people than ever receive serious diagnoses like depression, anxiety, and eating disorders, among many others. Of course, it wouldn’t be unfair to blame the current education system. However, usually, schools add pressure on young people’s lives. Traveling can help young people heal after such pressure, recharge them with positive emotions, and give them room for recovery and self-discovery outside the formal mandates of the education system. Of course, students can count on finding a reliable writing company to help them cope with the pressure. Or they can choose to travel and strengthen their mind and body in a more rewarding way.  


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