Sponsored – this review is sponsored by RepairSmith via their marketing team. 


As I’m on the go a lot, I got a reach out from RepairSmith, advertising their Car Repair Delivery offering. The concept of having car repaid delivered to my door – working in the parking lot, or my driveway – is quite attractive. I took a look at their different products and maybe will try it in the future. It’s a lot easier to book and get a quote, especially if it’s far to a repair place.

They offer online booking, guaranteed pricing, and mechanics who come to you. You can save time rather than driving out for an oil change or car repair, but you’ll be paying for that convenience. Of course, they only work in major metro areas, and currently only on the west coast in Northern California (San Francisco, San Jose), Southern California (Irvine, Los Angeles, San Diego) as well as Las Vegas, Nevada.



RepairSmith offers a variety of services, with simple replacement of fluids like oil, transmission fluids, to replacing of basic parts like catalytic converters, brake pads, or rebuilding transmissions. I wouldn’t call them for a massive overhaul, but quick and easy services, if you can’t do them yourself, would be easy to be handled by this service.

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Product List!



Simply enter your car make/model or your license plate which they can look up that information, and the mileage. Then you can get customized quotes for your specific car for a variety of services. The process was quick, simple, and easy to generate an instant and guaranteed quote. Knowing how much I’m going to pay before signing off or expending the energy to get to the shop is quite attractive.


I do think that the prices are quite high for some of the basic repairs, such as the oil change – although it is for synthetic oil. You can typically find coupons and such to get your oil changed at a local shop for $30-40 or less, so the thought of paying nearly $80 + tax kind of shocked me. Of course, you’re paying for the service and the convenience of not having to take your car to a shop and waiting around for the repairs, but nonetheless the prices were quite high. Note that perhaps part of it is for my car – which is an older ’05 Honda Accord.

Also, I tested out a couple product pairings, with the oil change by itself and packaged with a couple other products. The prices didn’t change so there is no bundling discount or anything like that.


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No Bundling discount



You can take $25 off your first service with the promo code SV25 – which makes the oil change more affordable. If I get busier in the future it may actually be worth the time savings to pay for someone to come repair my car at my location, rather than fighting through traffic and having to get hit with a huge bill and attempted upsells at the official retailer or repair shop. You’re paying for the convenience of service delivered to you, which is also available 7 days a week during extended business hours. In terms of security, RepairSmith backs their repairs with a 12-month or 12K mile warranty, which is appreciated in case you are concerned about the quality controls of a remote/mobile workstation and mechanic.



Sponsored – this review is sponsored by RepairSmith via their marketing team. 

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