The Conrad Maldives includes several villa options ranging from beach villas to large over water villas.  Two options available for points award redemptions are the Conrad Maldives Beach Villa (BV) and Water Villa (WV).  If you have already experienced an over water villa, staying in the beach villa may be preferable since it provides more privacy and easy access to the beach.

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Area in front of Conrad Maldives Beach Villas


Located on both sides of the main island, the beach villas are grouped closer to the restaurants and shopping buildings towards the southeast of the island. There are no beach villas on the quiet island.

a light post with a tree in the background

Beach Villa Entrance at Conrad Maldives

Beach villas on the eastern side of the main island face the open ocean and provide more privacy.  BVs on the western side face the quiet island, bridge, and ferry boat which is less private.

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa Locations


The interiors of the BVs have been recently refurbished and feels new.   As part of the renovation, the bathroom sinks and mirrors have been moved indoors so guests will not get all sweaty as they get ready.

Furniture is well designed and comfortable including the bed. There is an oversized couch that can be used as a bed for small children.  A cool feature is the outdoor shower and bathtub that is walled off to ensure privacy.

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa Bedroom at Conrad Maldives

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Large couch that can double as a bed in the beach villa

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Mini Bar Area

a television on a shelf

Large LCD Screen

a closet with swingers and a white board

Closet Space

a window with a palm tree in the background

Sky light with motorized shade

a bathroom with two sinks

Indoor Sinks

a bathroom with a sink and toilet

Toilet in separate enclosed room

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Outdoor Bathtub

a building with stairs and plants

Outdoor Shower Area

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Beach Villa Floor Plan

Deck Space

The back of the villa has a well shaded outdoor seating area with minimal views of the ocean.  While there isn’t much of an ocean view, there is plenty of vegetation to ensure privacy.

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Private seating area and entrance to beach

Surrounding Area

The beach villas are closer to the restaurants which can get noisy due to congregation of guests and musical performances.  The deluxe beach villas are located further from these noisy areas, but at an additional cost.  When coordinating with the hotel about your stay, request your beach villa be located as far away from the main restaurants as possible.

Each beach villa has an assigned set of chairs on the beach, that way you don’t have to fight over beach chairs.

Conrad Maldives Beach Villa

Private Beach Chairs


  • Bookable using points
  • More privacy than Water Villa
  • Closer to beach
  • Set of reserved chairs on the beach
  • Deck area with plenty of shade
  • Outdoor shower and bath tub
  • Can get noisy
  • Not much of an ocean view
  • Some beach villas face quite island which has a less private beach

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