The Conrad Maldives includes several villa options ranging from the superior water villa to beach villas.  While the Beach Villa (BV) and Water Villa (WV) are bookable using points, upgrades to better villas are available for additional costs depending on availability.  The Superior Water Villa (SWV) is the cheapest upgrade from the WV and upgrade costs range from $80-$130 per night.

superior water villa

Conrad Maldives Superior Water Villa at Sunset

superior water villa

Walkway to Superior Water Villa


The Superior Water Villas are located on the western side of the resort on the “quiet island”.  This location is ideal for those looking for a peaceful experience with exceptional sunset views.   The Vilu Restaurant is located on the same island and provides breakfast meals that you order instead of a buffet.  The Vilu restaurant has better ocean views and food, however the buffet on the main island has more options.

superior water villa

Superior Water Villa Location


While the superior water villa is roughly the same size as the WV, the bed in the SWV faces the ocean.  Additionally, the couch is directly in front of the sliding doors which provides great views of the ocean.  However, the SWV has less ocean viewing opportunists due to all the nearby external walls obscuring the view.

superior water villa

Conrad Maldives Superior Water Villa Bedroom with entire side view being blocked by exterior wall.

superior water villa

View from bed

a bed with pillows and a round chair in a room

Bed decorated to celebrate anniversary

a room with a television and a glass table

Welcome Amenity

superior water villa


superior water villa

Superior Water Villa floor plan

Deck Space

The deck includes two beach chairs, jacuzzi, and a separate table with two chairs.  Walls surround the deck space providing ultimate privacy, however this obscures a good amount of the ocean views.   The table and chairs are tucked away behind the walls as opposed to the WV where the table and chairs have no obstructed views.  While the deck is smaller in the SWV, having a jacuzzi versus a pool is an added benefit versus the WV.

superior water villa

Conrad Maldives Superior Water Villa Deck

a room with a chair and a deck with a thatched roof

Small deck area on side of villa

Surrounding Area

An added benefit to the SWV is that nearby villas are more spread out which enhances privacy.  Also, the SWV is further away from the beach which improves chances of seeing fish from the villa.  The SWVs are grouped in sets of four, so rooms at the end of the group are preferred since there is only a neighbor on one side.  Villas 335 or 339 are preferred since those have less obstructed views.

a wooden structure on stilts in water

Entrance to Villa from ocean

a wooden stairs leading to a building

Stair to villa


Key benefit of the SWV is the western alignment that ensures sunsets can be viewed from the villas.  WVs are aligned in more of a southern direction which makes viewing sunsets a challenge.  External walls are attached to the deck and block out a good amount of ocean views from certain angles.  Its clear that these villas were designed to prioritize privacy over ocean views.

superior water villa

Views from the bed

a person's feet and a pool outside of a window

Views from couch with wall blocking half the sights

a close-up of water surface

View of sunset from the ocean in front of the villa


  • Sunset views
  • Jacuzzi
  • Villas more spread apart
  • Located further away from beach
  • Privacy
  • On "quite island"
  • Requires additional cost beyond points
  • Exterior walls that block views
  • Smaller deck space
a person in a pool with the sun setting over the water

View of sunset from the jacuzzi

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