Walkway to Water Villas


The Conrad Maldives includes several villa options ranging from beach villas to large over water villas.  Two options available for points award redemptions are the Beach Villa (BV) and Water Villa (WV).  While better villas are available via upgrade for additional costs, the Water Villas are a great option for those looking to save money.

Water Villa Pool


Located on both sides of the quiet island, the water villas are grouped close together a good distance from the bridge connecting the two islands.   WVs on the western side of the the island are preferred because they offer more privacy because they face the open ocean.  Villas on the eastern side of the quiet island face the main island and spa villas, which feels less private.

Conrad Maldives Map


The interior of the WVs appears to be recently refurbished and includes windows on all three sides.  Furniture is well designed and comfortable including the bed.  An innovative feature of the WV is the glass desk and see-through chair that sits on top of a glass floor.

While the same size as the Superior Water Villa (SWV), the WV is aligned differently where the foot of the bed does not face the sliding doors.

Water Villa Entrance

Water Villas Couch

Glass Desk


Minibar and Coffee Maker




Water Villa Floor Plan

Deck Space

The deck space is better on the WVs compared to the SWVs because the walls are not directly attached, the table and chairs have unobstructed views, and it appears to be larger in size.  Downside is the deck has a pool instead of a jacuzzi and sunset views of somewhat obstructed.

Water Villa Deck

Stairs to Ocean

Surrounding Area

Located close to one another, the WVs offer less privacy due to each villa located only a few meters apart.  Additionally, the WVs are much closer to the beach compared to the other over water villas.  However, its location on the quiet island is an added bonus and somewhat reduces the chances of experiencing noise disturbances.

Water Villas are close to each other


If located on the western side of the island, unobstructed views of the ocean can be observed from the rear of the villa, aside of the privacy walls between villas.  Unlike the SWV, the privacy walls are not directly attached to the deck obstructing views of the water.   This is a minor plus, since all this does is provide views of the water beneath the villa.  However, the decision to not put the privacy walls so close to the villa enhances the feeling of being in a over water villa since water can be seen from three sides of the villa.

View from bed

View of water behind bed with privacy wall about 2 meters away

View through glass desk


  • Bookable using points
  • Ocean Views
  • Privacy walls block less of the view than SWV
  • Bigger deck than SWV
  • On "quiet island"
  • Glass Desk
  • Obstructed sunset views
  • Neighbors close by
  • Pool instead of Jacuzzi
  • Some water villas face the main island