HIGHLIGHTS: JEMAA – The NoMad Pool Party @ NoMad Las Vegas

NoMad launched the JEMAA Pool Party on April 12th, and I got a chance to visit and experience it for myself not long after. I had a fantastic cabana, nice drinks, and great food. My party and I had a blast enjoying the DJ and pool, especially in the sweltering Las Vegas sun. Great looking people, a place to relax, drinks, what more could I ask for in a dayclub?


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We arrived in early afternoon and it was still decently crowded. JEMAA is located within Park MGM but is classified as part of Nomad Las Vegas, the boutique European luxury hotel within Park MGM. It’s at the main pool, located on the way from Aria to the Park MGM lobby. We were walked around the main pool to the side elevators, up a few floors to JEMAA. As we arrived before the DJ’s set, it was still relatively calm and not super crazy. Stay hydrated!



We left soon after the DJ arrived, having been there a couple hours, but it was a nice, laid-back atmosphere, no bumping and grinding as of yet. Lots of people in the pool and out, talking and hanging out, drinking and eating away. Very enjoyable atmosphere. Upon entry, restrooms are to the right, fully stocked with attendants, and for the men: mouthwash, cologne, floss mints, etc. On the left of entry is a towel station, stocked with snacks, non-alcoholic drinks, and more amenities. Very convenient!



I’ve never had a cabana before. On Saturdays, Cabanas here start at $2,000, with the grand cabana (two side by side) starting at $4,000, which I believe is food/drink minimums. Bungalows (slightly smaller) start at $800. On Fridays and Sundays, prices are lower, with cabanas at $1,500 and Grand at $2,500, and $750 bungalows. So getting a complimentary cabana was a fantastic experience, and a great surprise for myself and my lady and friends. For towels at the front station no ID is required. Also, note that cabanas also come with at least two daybeds for your use – no need to squabble over them!



The director of marketing told me about the James Beard Award-winning mixologist who designed the JEMAA cocktail menus, as well as the three Michelin star Chef of the Nomad Las Vegas, Daniel Humm, who created the culinary menu. You’ll certainly eat and drink well here.



We opted for the “Whole Bottle of Cocktail” Moscow Mule ($150) – which was great and refreshing. Note that the cocktails come in the plastic bottle premixed, makes about 5 cups worth.



We got three small plates – the Burger ($18), Lobster Roll ($24), and Hamachi Ceviche ($22). The burger was small but delicious, and the lobster roll was spicy with a strong dill taste. Note that the Hummus on the old menu was replaced with Guacamole with chips. Their house chips were quite good.



They’ve also won their fair share of awards – such as best new pool party by Reader’s Choice, LVA Weekly, and others. JEMAA is open 11-6pm Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and once a month on Thursdays for industry folk. For Nomad hotel guests, lounge chairs have no minimum, but for Park MGM guests it’s a $100 minimum. Locals are free until 1pm, same for hotel guests for basic entry.

Also, as it’s Las Vegas, there are attractive people. Lots of them. Staff included! Plenty of eye candy everywhere to enjoy.



Sponsored – this restaurant review is sponsored by the establishment and property in general. No additional compensation was received for this post other than the exchange of product.

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