I had a chance to visit the Cathay Pacific (“The Wing”) business class lounge at the Hong Kong airport, located near Gate 4.  The Wing is often considered among one of the best airline lounges out there.

I still remembered the first time I visited the lounge. As I walked towards the lounge, a smiling flight attendant was facing the walkway to greet passengers. I smiled back…until I realized it was actually a full-sized cutout cardboard of a CX staff!   Talk about feeling a little sheepish!  Fortunately, the cutout was not there to throw me off during this visit.

Lounge (In Pictures)

Two staff members were at the front of the lounge to direct guests.  You can visit the lounge on the ground floor, or take the stairs (or elevator) to the second floor.  I went right up to the second floor because I wanted to visit the Noodle Bar, one of my favorites.

a sign on a wall

The Signate


The Wing is usually busy, but it was quiet when I visited this time around.  Granted, I was there at 5:30am when the lounge just opened.

a group of chairs in a room

Lounge chairs/pods.  Regular couch seating is available if  these “pods” aren’t your thing.

All About the Noodle Bar

I was a little sad to find that the Noodle Bar wasn’t even open yet. There was a signage that the noodle bar opens at 6am. However, two staff members were already onsite at the Noodle Bar to prepare for the service.

a table and chairs in a room

The Noodle Bar!

a room with tables and chairs

Plenty of seats during my early morning visit.


The lounge is well stocked.  Water, soda, beverages, coffee maker, fruits.

a black counter with shelves and bottles

Food counter in the Noodle Bar area.


On the further end on the counter, CX had prepared some morning food for their guests.

a group of bowls of food on a shelf

Food options!

Hungry, I helped myself to congee, shumai, and a cup of hot water infused with lemon to start off the morning.

a bowl of food on a plate


When 6am rolled around, people started lining up at the Noodle Bar.  The service was incredibly quick and efficient.  They had prepared popular dishes so that they can quickly complete the order.  For those food orders that they need more time to prepare for, they handed out buzzers.

I ordered two wonton noodles and I got them immediately, hot and fresh from the Noodle Bar.


a bowl of soup with noodles and vegetables


I loved it.  The lounge itself is great and lovely, but I am not going to lie:  The Noodle Bar is absolutely my favorite part of the lounge.


Have you visited “The Wing” in Hong Kong recently?  What has been your experience?