I visited EPCOT earlier this year.  I’ve visited once before, but it was at least a decade ago.  Aside from the EPCOT “globe”, I remembered the annual garden festival, otherwise known as the International Flower & Garden Festival. 

I liked topiary characters, so I ended up snapping quite a few pics.

Starting with some pleasant views of the park:

Arrival at EPCOT








Floral arrangements.

Imagination in the backdrop.









Belle and Beast in France

I love this classic film.  I’d prefer that Disney had given Beast a name, other than referring to him as “the Beast”, “Master”, or the “prince”. Even the side character (Gaston) has a name, why not give the lead character his name?

From Beauty and the Beast!










Alice in Wonderland in United Kingdom

I actually have a picture of Alice, but she was taking a picture with a child guest (won’t post for privacy reason).  It was very sweet.  I had a few photo ops with other characters (namely, Mickey and Minnie) and I have to say those were some wonderful character interactions.  Disney does this really well.

Tea plants, of course, in a tea cup.













Peter Pan isn’t quite the same without this magical fairy.











You can find this beloved deer between the Canada Pavilion and the United Kingdom Pavilion.

A famous deer with a movie named after it.









Hakuna Matata

for the rest of your days









View at the Park

Enjoying the Views from the Park










Either way, I’m not familiar with this character and by extension, the movie this character is in.

Apparently, I’ve not watched all the films…










Famous Toys

You can find Woody and Bo (and her sheeps) near the Land Pavilion.

“Reach for the Sky!”









Winnie the Pooh

I like the Pooh the Bear.  In reality, there had been sightings of black bears roaming in my residential neighborhood this year. Not quite as endearing as the famed bear in the movie.

Piglet and Friends









Snow White…

and Dopey…









and the six dwarfs











There was also a topiary for Frozen’s sisters, Elsa and Anna, in the Norway Pavilion, but I didn’t get a good shot of it. There is a “Frozen Ever After Ride” which I’d highly recommend, though the wait tends to be quite long.

Farewell Mickey and Friends

Mickey, Minnie and Friends









I got to give a lot of credit to the talented gardeners who create these character topiaries.  During my visit, these character topiaries didn’t get the much attention as I thought they might (except maybe the most popular ones, such as Mickey, Minnie and Friends), but I really enjoyed seeing them in different parts of the park.   It adds a really nice touch as you visit the pavilions of the different countries in the World Showcase.


Did you visit EPCOT this year?  Was there a character topiary that you especially like?