Frequent flyers know there are certain things that are staples on some airlines, such as the panini in Club Europe on British Airways. When you fly regularly in business class, you’re bound to get a variant of this meal at some stage.

It got me thinking, what are the things on other airlines that are ubiquitous to the experience? Here are a few I’ve found throughout my travels.

Usually Poor Food On Ryanair

One of the largest carriers in Europe is Ryanair and one thing that I usually find is the food is terrible. It’s not just terrible, there are several variations on terrible.

In three successive flights I tried three different “meals” and found them to be lacking. Ryanair’s hot chips – dry. Ryanair’s pancakes – tiny, tasteless and overpriced. The pièce de résistance however…

… was this terrible excuse, named a “breakfast burrito”. Never have I had such a colossally bad meal on an aircraft in all my life. Therefore, Ryanair always has bad food in my book.

Hipster Food On Qantas

Qantas domestic business class usually features hipster food of some kind. Where can you find edamame beans? Qantas. How about lashings of kale in your breakfast? Qantas.

No matter where you’re flying, the food is designed to be on trend and healthy for you. I’m sure my grandmother wouldn’t know what to think of all this fashionable food if she saw it!

Let’s Not Forget That Panini

British Airways, always serving the best of Italian fast food cuisine in business class with their panini. Regular flyers even get a different rotation of fillings, from cheese and tomato to beef with jalapeño peppers.

Luckily it is usually tasty enough though the carb loading is perhaps not the best thing in the world. There’s not much else to say apart from the fact that it is something.

Overall Thoughts

Are you a regular flyer? Or are you someone who uses the same airline on a regular basis? Have a think – what are the one or two things that are always a part of that airline’s customer experience?

Once you have the answer, I’d love to know what it is! As always, thanks for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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