During my trip to Vegas, I did a side trip to visit the Grand Canyon Skywalk in Arizona.   I had limited time and this was as close to Grand Canyon as I can for this visit.  The Grand Canyon West Rim is about a 2 hours drive from Vegas.

Brief Background on Grand Canyon West

Now, the first thing to know is that the Grand Canyon West is NOT part of the National Parks.  In fact, if you visit the Grand Canyon West website and the FAQ, it clearly states, “Grand Canyon West is not part of the Grand Canyon National Park, which is located five hours away. Grand Canyon West is on the Hualapai Native American Reservation and is owned and operated by the Hualapai Tribe.”

…Your ticket purchase supports the Hualapai Tribe Nation, a sovereign Indian nation that does not receive federal funding, with proceeds helping to sustain the Indigenous peoples that call the Hualapai Indian Reservation home.”

Is it a Tourist Trap?

In my opinion, it’s absolutely a tourist trap.  However, I’m also of the opinion that some sites are still worth visiting, even if it is a tourist trap, if there is something unique about it.  In this case, the ability to walk on a glass bridge, makes it a pretty unique experience.  Specifically, “You can walk 4,000 feet above the canyon floor on one of the world’s largest cantilever bridges. This breathtaking 10-foot wide, horseshoe-shaped glass bridge extends 70 feet out over the rim of the Grand Canyon, giving you a clear view to the Canyon floor below”.

What makes it a tourist trap?

Well, the admission is pretty steep at 68-71USD per person.

Also, you cannot take most things onto the platform, including bags/phones, so you won’t able to take any photos.  They have “professional photographers” who can take pictures for you on the Skywalk, but the prices are also pretty steep.  $17USD per print and close to $70 for a complete package of “digital” photos.  It’s worth mentioning here so you can manage your expectations of the “experience”.

What to Expect

Once you purchase your tickets, you can then head over to the hop-on and hop-off that will take you to a few points of interests.  The first stop (and the most popular one) is the Eagle point.   There is also another stop called the Guano Point.   You get to see different vantage points of Grand Canyon West Rim.

Quick Tips

  1. Buy tickets ahead of time online if you can.  Trust me, it will save you the wait to buy once you get there.  Wifi is spotty.
  2. Carry light.  Lockers are available to store belongings for the Skywalk (no cameras/phones allowed).  You have to wear the provided booties over your shoes to protect the glass on the skywalk.
  3. It goes without saying, don’t stand too close to the edge.  I’ve actually seen people stand at the edge or in one case, dangerous positions trying to get a selfie/pose.    Enjoy the amazing views, but be safe.   All it takes is just one accident or wrong footing….some stats here.
  4. It’s not scary.  If you’re afraid of heights, look out to the spectacular scenery… not down.

In Pictures

The Drive

a road with a sign on it

Vegas to Arizona


a road with mailboxes on the side

Mailboxes on the road.










a road sign in the desert


a large stone sign in the desert

Grand Canyon West









Outside the SkyWalk Ticket Office

a building with a sign and a stop sign

Building to Entrance

airplanes planes on a runway

Helicopters – tours to Grand Canyon is popular







a red helicopter on a fence










a framed pictures on a wall

To buy tickets…

a bus parked at a bus stop

for Hop on/off bus to take you to Eagle Point and Guano Point.









Skywalk at Grand Canyon West

a building on a rocky hill

Eagle Point, SkyWalk in the distance








It may not be the same as hiking in the Grand Canyon, but you get to see/experience some amazing views.

a large canyon with a cloudy sky

Crack in the rock makes me a little nervous

a large canyon with a cloudy sky

Beautiful views








a red rock cliff with a large building and a group of people

View from Guano Point








In Summary

Is this one of those attractions where I’d want to do again?  No.  For most people, one time is enough (myself included).  While it is a unique experience, it’s also important to manage expectations (what you pay vs what you get).  It is steep as it costs over $300 for a family of 4 just in admission costs alone.

I absolutely think that the Skywalk at Grand Canyon West is a tourist trap.  That said, I still think that is worth visit if you don’t have time to explore the national park.   You get to see some pretty spectacular views.  There are picture-taking opportunities since there are plenty of vista points.  The only exception is when walking on the Skywalk unless, of course, you’re willing to pay more for it.


Any other tips/advice for our fellow readers?