I recently met with the nice folks over at Bluffworks about putting some of their “wrinkle resistant” business clothing through the paces. I’m on the road alot for work and having to iron my clothes is such a pain. Flying to a client site on a Monday morning dressed in my business attire and showing up looking like a wrinkled mess is usually the norm. As much as I try to take off my suit jacket and fold it neatly during the flight, it usually gets wrinkled one way or another.

I don’t take reviews and recommendations lightly, especially when it comes to your wallet. Bluffworks was kind enough to send me the following items free of charge to try out and review:

Gramercy blazer fresh out of the shipping box:

a black jacket on a table


My Test

My first task was to test out the Gramercy blazer because for me, no matter how hard I try, my blazers always get wrinkled. To begin the test, I folded up my blazer and packed it into my Travelpro Magna 22″ rollaboard carry-on in the suiter pocket, which is where I typically put my dress clothes when traveling.

I left the blazer in the suitcase for three days and when I took it out, wrinkles were present, though definitely not as bad as I expected:


a black jacket on a swinger

After leaving the blazer hung on the hanger for 15 minutes, it looked like this. A big improvement!

a black jacket on a swinger

The rest of the clothes reacted the same way, but I will say the chinos were not my favorite. This is at no fault to Bluffworks, though. The pants were incredibly comfortable, but I just don’t look good in chinos. I’ve seen a number of other premium pants on the market and I’d say Bluffworks’ chinos stack up well against the rest.

a pair of pants on a marble surface

The dress shirt is nice, stylish, comfortable, and great with wrinkles, but I will never pay $125 for a dress shirt. My elbows are notorious for destroying dress shirts so I always look for the best deal. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t give these a shot, though. With a quality build and fresh designs, I certainly feel comfortable recommending so as long as you are okay with the price point.

a shirt in a plastic bag

Bottom Line

Bluffworks uses the “wrinkle resistant” shtick when marketing their products, and they damn well should. No joke, the clothes I received (especially the blazer) were some of the most comfortable dress clothes I’ve ever worn. Trust me, they aren’t paying me — they just sent me some free gear. I loved the blazer so much I’m going to buy a couple more because they are great to have.

I went out for Valentine’s Dinner on Sunday with my Gramercy blazer. I hopped in an Uber, sat all through dinner, and rode home. I didn’t even notice my blazer was on. I typically hate blazers, suits, and sport jackets because they feel stiff and boxy, not to mention I feel like an absolute shmuck. But this one, this one is different.

Gramercy blazer: absolute must-have.

Chinos: must-have if you are a chino wearer.

Dress shirt: recommend if you typically pay a premium for dress shirts and don’t rip craters with your elbows.

If you have any specific questions, drop them in the comments. Happy to test something out for you!