A long time ago I wrote about the benefits of Google’s Project Fi, especially for international travelers. Full disclosure: I’m a T-Mobile customer, though security concerns as of late have me second guessing my decision.

One of the issues I had with Project Fi was the lack of an unlimited data option. Well, Google effectively changed that today with the introduction of Bill Protection, which caps your monthly bill at $60, no matter how much data you use.

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Seems like a nice option. I went ahead and plugged in my current plan details with T-Mobile (2 lines, OnePlus plan for $120/month). I am a heavy data user often going over 30GB per month as I use it for work as a personal hotspot. My T-Mobile connection is usually always solid and I don’t experience throttling, not to say I won’t in the future.

When I plug in my details to Project Fi I get quoted $135 per month for two lines with over 20GB of data. Not horrible, given the ability to buy a SIM for $10 to use with other devices when on the road. However, the following notice is tucked in there nicely:

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After 15GB, Project Fi reduces your data speed to 3G from 4G LTE. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing and it’s one aspect that makes Fi a more attractive option compared to T-Mobile. With the T-Mobile One Plus plan you get unlimited international data up to 3G speeds. With Fi, you get the fastest available speed abroad (which is often less than 4G) as long as you stay under 15GB of data consumed. This is nice if you aren’t a heavy data user at home.

Bottom Line

Obviously, the issue I can’t get passed is the inability to use an iPhone on Project Fi. Otherwise, I think this new plan is very attractive for those of you who don’t use a lot of data. I blow 15GB in two weeks which means I’d be running on 3G speeds for half the month so it’s a no-go for me.

What are your thoughts on this latest move? Do you have Project Fi?


(H/T: The Points Guy)

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