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For those who don’t know about Bluffworks, they are a New York based company that focuses on creating Travel Clothes that are wrinkle resistant and you can put them in the wash (no dry cleaning needed!) I have previously reviewed Bluffworks products before and I was excited when they sent me their new Ascender Chinos and Threshold Performance T-Shirt.

Ascender Chinos:

I really like the Bluffworks Ascender chinos. Having already tried the classic chino, I thought the new Ascender chinos were a nice alternative. It’s more lightweight and is stretchier than the old chinos. In my opinion, the old chinos are less stretchy, but a bit more dressy so it really depends which style you’re going for.

The Ascender chinos also have 10 pockets, and I don’t think I’ve actually discovered all of them yet lol. I was travelling in San Francisco last weekend and these were my go to pants. Perfect for putting in my wallet in one of the “zipper” pockets for extra security protection, and utilizing the other pockets for various objects that I would carry throughout the day.


I ordered a waist size 31 at first, but the stretchier aspect made it not fit super well, so I definitely needed a 30 waist. Thankfully Bluffworks has free shipping on all orders and an easy +free exchange policy! I sent an email to Bluffworks that I wanted an exchange, got a quick reply and I just visited my local UPS store with my exchange, then I got the new size shipped to my home in about a week or so.

Threshold Performance T-Shirt

The Threshold Performance T-shirt is my go to athletic shirt for the gym! Having both Nike + Under Armour shirts as well, this Bluffworks t-shirt is by far my favorite for working out. The strong point for the shirt is how good it is with quick-drying and moisture-wicking. And it’s very comfortable.


Why I LOVE Bluffworks?

Comfortable. Stylish. But most importantly- great quality.

I’ve had my Bluffworks Gramercy Suit for over a year now and it was my go to suit during my internship last summer, recruiting events over the last school year and now my full-time job! The suit’s quality is amazing and hasn’t faded much really. I also have gotten many compliments on the suit at work and people are shocked when I tell them it’s machine washable.

The Verdict:

My favorite pieces in my closet are my threshold t-shirt for going to the gym, and the Gramercy suit for work. I definitely recommend adding some Bluffworks to your closet as well.

Have you tried some Bluffworks products? What do you think of them? Comment below.

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