I became a travel agent in 2021, and for someone who loves airplanes and hotels, it’s so rewarding to plan trips for others as well. The major pro on why one should book with a travel agent (like me), is that it can be a win-win for both parties. In the industry, hotels rely on travel agents to sell rooms, particularly in the 4-5 star level. So, many hotel brands have special programs with select travel agencies, to encourage them to recommend their properties. The programs offer their guests extra perks when staying at their hotels, which aren’t available to the general public and the travel agent gets a commission from the hotel. The perks offered can include free breakfast, resort credits, free upgrades, and more. And the best part is that the rate often matches the standard rate offered on the hotel website. Plus, these rates are generally points eligible, for those of you who like to collect hotel loyalty points. Some programs that I work with include Virtuoso, Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Hyatt Privé, Hilton Impresario, and many more.

My favorite perk is the free night offers (such as paying for 2 nights and getting the 3rd night free) that some hotels offer.

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Case 1: Hilton Impresario Free Night Offers

For travel agent bookings, Hilton Impresario offers perks at most of the Waldorf Astoria, Conrad, and LXR properties. The cool thing about Hilton Impresario is that year-round they seem to have free night offers at most of their properties. Also, you get double Hilton Honors Points!

A hotel I’ve stayed at recently is the Conrad Seoul. Currently, the property offers a 3rd-night free offer, in addition to the Hilton Impresario perks such as free breakfast for 2, $100 property credit, and complimentary room upgrade plus early/late check-in/out, subject to availability at check-in.

a lobby with a marble floor and a marble counter, why you should book with a travel agent.

Conrad Seoul Lobby

Looking at rates for a 3-night stay in September, the Impresario rate with the 3rd night free applied averages out to $252 a night, versus the lowest non-refundable rate is $341, or $371 for the flexible rate with the Hilton Honors Discount. You’re saving money, plus getting all the perks!

a screenshot of a website that shows why you should book with a travel agent

Case 2: Hyatt Privé Free Night Offers

Hyatt Privé offers great perks for travel agency bookings at select Hyatt properties, which include complimentary breakfast, room upgrades, hotel credits, and more. Also from time to time, they have select properties that offer free night offers.

a living room with a large television and a couch

Park Hyatt Aviara Premium Garden Suite Living Room

I recently stayed at the Park Hyatt Aviara in San Diego. It is currently offering a 3rd night-free promotion, on top of the Hyatt Privé perks. I put random dates in for June, and with the 3rd night free, the rate was an average of $448 a night, while still being refundable. Outside of Hyatt Privé, the lowest non-refundable rate was $565 a night, and the lowest refundable rate was the $642 member rate. The Privé 3rd night free rate is such a good deal!

a screenshot of a website

Additionally, the booking includes a daily full breakfast for 2, a $100 resort credit, and an upgrade at booking. It also comes with early/late check-in/check-out.

What if there are no Free Night Offers?

Sometimes hotels will have no free night offers. But, the rate to get the perks could match the lowest rate, so you get the perks for free. An example of this is with Four Seasons Preferred, where whatever rate you see online, is generally able to be booked by a travel agent, and you can have perks attached (breakfast, hotel credits, upgrades, and more).

The only catch is that sometimes the standard rate that gets the free perks attached to them is higher than “member rates” or special non-refundable rates. This happens with Marriott Luminous, where the standard/best available rate is sometimes $50-80 more a night than the “member rate”. In these instances, you’ll have to see if the perks outweigh the extra cost.

The Verdict

Overall, there can often be a lot of perks when you book with a travel agent, specifically with free night offers not available to the general public, and also getting perks like resort credits, upgrades, and complimentary breakfast. Oftentimes, the prices are the same as the standard rate when booking directly with the hotel, plus most rates can earn Hotel Loyalty Points as well.


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