About Bluffworks:

Bluffworks Travel Clothes

Bluffworks is a New York based company (and their items are made in NYC too!) The Bluffworks Travel Clothes are said to be wrinkle resistant and you can put them in the wash (YAY no dry cleaning needed!) Bluffworks sent me some clothes to try on and I really liked their products!


Bluffworks Travel Clothes

The blazer is really comfortable, with many, many pockets! There are 10 total pockets. Perfect for traveling and carrying lots of various items. They come in “Classic Fit” and “Slim Fit” and I opted for the “Slim Fit”. The fit is pretty true to size! A great biz-casual blazer.

Pants:Bluffworks Travel Clothes

Bluffworks have three types of pants: Original, Chino and Gramercy (to match with the blazer!)

The Breakdown:

  • Original Pants – durable, lightweight, look like wool (as name suggests, Bluffworks’s first product)
  • Chinos – more stretch & casual look
  • Gramercy- matched separates for the blazer

I opted to try the Chinos, as I love a more casual look. They have a “tailored” fit and a “regular” fit, and I got the “tailored fit” as I’m quite slim. The fit is pretty true to size!

Bluffworks Travel Clothes

Navy blue looked GREAT to me, and I was very happy when they came in the mail! They looked like they did online. Most importantly, they were super comfortable!!

Bluffworks Travel Clothes

My chinos!!

Cool parts of the Chinos?

As a college student, I don’t really like to do laundry all the time. These pants claim to be wrinkle resistant and can go days without a wash. I wore them for probably 5 days before washing, and they stayed in shape really nicely and were not that wrinkled. Impressed!! Also, the zipper pocket in addition to the normal pocket is GREAT.

The pants were great for a more preppy biz-casual look, and for running from class to class. The material is super comfortable, and very breathable. I really enjoyed these Chinos!

Holiday Sale:

The 20% Holiday Sale runs until December 31st! Chinos now are $99 (Reg $125). While a bit pricey, I think they are quite worth it due to their comfort, and the fact that you don’t have to dry clean them! Plus they are made in New York City!!

You can check out the sale here!

If you want to your items before Christmas:

– Express 1-Day Shipping orders placed by 5pm ET on Thursday, 12/21/2017, will ship the same day, with a scheduled delivery of Friday, 12/22/2017.
– Express 2-Day Shipping orders placed by 5pm ET on Wednesday, 12/20/2017, will ship the same day, with a scheduled delivery of Friday, 12/22/2017.

If not, Bluffworks offers Free Domestic Shipping and exchanges!! (Ships via UPS or USPS, transit time typically 5-7 days)


Overall, I am super grateful Bluffworks gave me the opportunity to test them out! If you have any questions about my “bluffs” (cute nickname right?), let me know!

Do y’all have any Bluffworks clothes? What do you think of them?!