Over the course of the past several months, I have dropped by the Qantas site to check on the availability of flying in business class between Santiago de Chile and Los Angeles. This is one of the longest routes flown by LATAM. It is an overnight flight of more than 11 hours on one of their 787 aircraft. Flying business class on this route is by far the most attractive option for getting between Chile and the U.S. West Coast. With only a difference of four time zones, there would be minimal jet lag.

There’s just one problem: this route never seems to have any business class seats available.

Is This The Worst Route Ever In Terms Of Award Space?

Like I’ve said, I’ve eyed this LATAM flight for a while. Every once in a while I’ll log in and search for an award, just to see what the options are like. But the more I do this, the more perplexed I get. Turns out, I have yet to ever find a single business class award seat on this route.

I’m very aware of routes and carriers that are stingy with award space. Finding Lufthansa first class space from SFO to Germany is tough. Singapore first class can be hard to chase down if you don’t book right when the calendar opens. Heck, even AA business class space can be difficult at times (although it seems to open in waves). I’m used to difficult award bookings.

But this is different. I am beginning to wonder if LATAM ever releases award space to partners on this route. The main tool I use to search is the Qantas site, since you have an awesome month view. As far as I am aware, their inventory is also quite accurate a majority of the time.

Multiple times now I’ve search the entire calendar and come up dry. This isn’t just bad, it’s ridiculous. There should be at least some seats made available now and then.


It’s a bummer to be willing to work for an award and still not be able to find a single seat, let alone a pair on any date. Anyone else have this experience with LATAM? I’m curious to know if anyone has ever booked the SCL-LAX flight using partner miles.