Very little surprises me when it comes to flying, since I have racked up quite a few hours in the sky. During all this time, I have only boarded last once, which was a walk of shame moment since I had misread the boarding time.

My frequent flyer status usually means I have priority boarding, so I’m usually first on. I like being able to park my carry-on bag overhead without having to play luggage Tetris in an attempt to find space.

Why I Boarded Last On This Trip

I was headed on a day trip, out in the morning and back in the afternoon. As a result, I was in that happy place where I did not have to bring any luggage whatsoever. Since I was flying Ryanair, it also meant I got to save money by not purchasing Priority Boarding.

Usually when I am flying, I tend to get in line a couple of minutes before boarding begins. Alternatively, I’ll join the queue if it has already been formed, which is more common than not.

What a revelation it was when I was able to saunter up to the gate without a care in the world. Everyone else was lined up well in advance of boarding time, while I sat and enjoyed the view outside. Even when boarding started, I didn’t move and just waited for the lines to die down.

On the return trip, I did the same thing. Sat around relaxing until the queues were almost gone and then walked up and onto the plane. It was liberating! Surprisingly I found it to be the zero stress game of boarding, especially when it comes to low cost carriers.

Overall Thoughts

Perhaps I should have boarded last earlier in my life, as some people probably do this as a matter of routine. You can’t really lose if you have no luggage for the overhead locker. You avoid both the fees and the stress of hurrying to be on board. Plus your flight leaves pretty smartly once you’re on.

What does your playbook look like when it comes to boarding a flight? Are you in the camp of those who board first, or are you one of the stragglers who board last? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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