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HIGHLIGHTS: Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

This stay at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas was absolutely amazing. From the great service, to the upgrade suite (Wraparound Terrace Suite instead of a regular Terrace Suite, a whopping 1,200 sq ft!), great food sampling of many Cosmo establishments, and of course, the whole Marriott Moments experience at Rose. Rabbit. Lie., we had the most wonderful time. Last time I was in a basic room at the Cosmopolitan, with no upgrade or benefits. Even the platinum status with Marriott came in handy as well!



Check-in was ushered at the intimate Autograph Lounge, where they provided us with water and coffee, and I made sure to inquire about other benefits. As mentioned in the Experience post, I surprised my lady with this stay, as I led her to believe we’d be in a regular room at another hotel. Check-in was smooth, however I’ve not gotten a chance to explore anything other than the Chelsea Tower (the one directly at the hotel main entrance).


Room Wraparound Terrace Suite

This magnificent and palatial suite ranks right up with the best of them (or this one). At 1,200 sq ft, with a large, expansive living room, kitchen area, guest bathroom, and wide, dual sink, shower, and hot tub en-suite bathroom, it certainly left a good impression. Additionally, the views from the windows were great, not to mention a wraparound balcony for relaxation. We could have fit 6-8 people comfortably, and many more if they crashed on the floor.


A small hiccup turned into a wonderful surprise. We were promised a small welcome amenity at check-in which never arrived, but they offered to provide us $75 resort credit! As we were stuffed from the amazing Wicked Spoon buffet, we blew it at the gift store on a few trinkets to keep such as used casino dice, decks of cards, and a portable battery pack for our mobile devices.



This hip hotel catered to both millennials and those seeking a good time. I saw a wide array of ages, people dressed to the nines, out to party and live life. It was electrifying with lots of attractive people, although some smoking did make life more difficult.


FOOD & DRINK      

Maybe the best part? Our Marriott Moments package came with an additional $100 dining credit to use during the stay, in addition to all the other items. This section could be its own post. Be sure to use your Marriott/SPG Gold or Platinum status to score access to the VIP line at the Wicked Spoon buffet, and an additional 15% off! That makes the buffet (which is already amazing) a more reasonable price.


Holstein’s Burgers & Shakes

We dined on two large burgers, with a wide assortment of appetizers. Food here was somewhat overwhelming, but damn if they did not make a great shake – even a non-alcoholic one. Check out the massive ice cream sandwich on top of the drink! While we were eating, we also saw a server walk around with nitrogen frozen balls of some sweet syrup, which were interesting as well. Holstein’s is expensive, but so is everything in Las Vegas (especially in the nicer end resorts)



In the mornings, Eggslut has a massive line, wrapping back towards the bathroom and you can easily wait 20+ minutes. They specialize in fresh egg & meat sandwiches, which were quite tasty. This is more of a casual fast-food option


Juice Bar

Specialty shaken juices. Not my thing, but when they give you free dining credit and you struggle to use it, here’s not a bad option.


Wicked Spoon Buffet

We ate brunch here, which was very interesting. Usually I come for dinner, to make my buy one buffet get one free coupon more “worthwhile” but with credit I wanted to try the brunch. I did use the VIP line and 15% discount per the Starwood Platinum benefits so that helped a bit. Breakfast was great as well, but I think I enjoy the options and variety of dinner more.

As always, Wicked Spoon is a strong anchor and great place to get consistent variety, quality, and deliciousness.



Yes, I made sure to use the gym here in the Chelsea tower. It’s a long hallway of machines and cardio, but has all the essentials.



Their bonus $75 gift credit was a nice touch, and really showed they went above and beyond – I was expecting at most a $10 credit. The hiccup of checkout was a bit annoying, not knowing how to process my charges/bill correctly, but eventually it was settled. I hope to come back on a similar wonderful package, but we will see! It all depends on what Marriott has to offer. Cosmopolitan Las Vegas is my standard for top of the line quality now at Las Vegas, so I hope to come back soon!



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