HIGHLIGHTS: Warehouse Hotel, a Design Hotel Collection

My play mistake booking a Design-class hotel meant lack of participation in the Marriott program. Thus no structured welcome amenity or breakfast was provided. I loved the crisp, clean, and sharp interior of both the lobby hotel and the room. No fitness center on site – walk ~10 minutes to Riverside Point, where flashing your key will get you into Energia Fitness. I would not come back here based on the lack of amenity alone.


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A taxi from the airport cost about $25 – including $3 airport fee and a ridiculous ~$2.35 “credit card admin fee”. Don’t take taxis, flush them out of business by taking a cheaper Grab or Gojek car. The lobby was dark, with check in on the left, a bar and restaurant ahead, and another restaurant to the right. They informed me they don’t participate in Bonvoy benefits, to my chagrin – I had made a critical error here.



The gentleman that walked us to the room informed me about the security buttons necessary to push to allow entry/exit to the guest rooms. He also gave us two drink tokens – quite cool metal disks on a thin string. I asked for and received one at check out as a souvenir as well. I appreciated the décor of the room – sharp, clean lines, with spaces efficiently used. However, the shower smelled poorly and retained it for a while, even when I tried to wash it away. Additionally, the shower water leaks over in front of the toilet area, which is also not ideal. Definitely not a room to be shared by friends, since there’s only one shared door to the shower and toilet.

Looking out metal bars of the room was quite interesting, very much like a warehouse. Local calls are 20c/min, and internet cut out frequently on my devices – a very frustrating experience. There was complimentary Hokkaido milk and water in the room, as well as a very interesting minibar offering of intimate items.



Upon checkout we saw a bunch of sharply dressed men and women, and when I inquired at the front desk they told me it was a vendor and suppler convention for wine and alcohol sellers. Interesting group.



We enjoyed the complimentary cocktails thanks to the welcome tokens we received – good for any cocktail, wine, or spirit. I did not get the most expensive options, and opted to try a whiskey cocktail, the B.B.King while the lady chose a Disco Sling. Mine arrived in a flask and poured into a highball with a perfect looking cube of ice, and was quite delicious.

We did not pay $30 for continental breakfast, instead deciding to go out and eat locally in Chinatown at a hawker centre and late evening at entertainmentplex that is Clarke Quay. Get your cheap Chicken Rice at a Michelin-star food stall!



I did more than 22,000 steps the night I stayed here, so did not end up working out. I did check out the pool, which was small but looked decent. They do not have a fitness center on site, instead partnering with a local place called Energia fitness at nearby Riverside Point.



Lack of Marriott benefits aside, the location of Warehouse Hotel is pretty good, close to Chinatown, where we enjoyed the delicious Maxwell hawker centre food of chicken rice and famous egg tarts at Tong Heng Delicacies – seriously the best egg tarts I’ve ever had, in an interesting diamond shape. Flaky, delicious, eggy. My mouth waters just writing about it.


Clarke Quay Exploration!

We also went to Clarke Quay and checked out the arcade at LevelUp Bar, as well as ramen at Ramen Keisuke Lobster King and HeyTea. Ramen was okay, and the LevelUp Bar was the same – some of the games were broken including the shooting one which requires precision.

I am super impressed with the efficiency in Asia, in this case talking about Heytea’s simple yet effective ordering system – a grey mat, numbered 1-10, so that guests can quickly see their order status, and so staff can quickly give the drinks out without having to double check or read more labels. We spend a lot of time in milk tea shops, so studying their business operations is somewhat of a fun hobby.

I probably would not stay at Warehouse Hotel in the future, but it was a great time for us and we enjoyed Singapore immensely.



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