It is interesting to see how concerned a certain selection of people are about flying on the Boeing 737 MAX. Clearly some are more jittery than others, what with the highly publicised accidents and subsequent grounding of the fleet.

While that may be the case, I think going to such lengths as avoiding flying on the aircraft are an overreaction. There are literally zero reasons to worry about getting a 737 MAX on your next flight.

Why Is The Boeing 737 MAX Safe?

There’s an old chestnut around that the best time to fly an airline or a particular type of aircraft is straight after an accident. Statistically speaking, the chances of it happening again are extremely remote.

Flying continues to be one of the safest methods of transport and you are far more likely to have a car accident than be involved in a plane crash. Even so, hyped up media coverage of aviation incidents means some people feel less safe in the sky than they should.

When it comes to the Boeing 737 MAX, it has been through some exceptionally thorough scrutiny during its grounding. The main aviation authorities around the world have given input around the changes that had to be made, Boeing did what they needed to do, tested it and it’s been signed off.

Airlines would not fly unsafe planes and pilots and cabin crew would not operate them. After the lengthy grounding and having been put under the microscope, the Boeing 737 MAX is arguably the safest plane in the sky right now.

Groundings Have Happened Before

A number of aircraft have been grounded throughout history and have subsequently returned to service. People will remember that the Douglas DC-10 was grounded for five weeks in 1979 following an accident in Chicago. It continued in airline fleets for many years after this.

More recently, the supersonic Concorde was withdrawn from service after an accident in Paris in July 2000, returning to service well over a year later from November 2001. Modifications were incorporated into the aircraft to prevent another similar disaster from occurring, and of course it didn’t.

Overall Thoughts

The take away from this is that the Boeing 737 MAX is just as safe as any other airliner out there. Accidents happen and the aviation industry vigorously applies any lessons learned industry wide.

Since so many airlines have ordered the MAX, it is likely you and I will be scheduled to fly on one sooner rather than later. If so, don’t worry, just enjoy your flight. I know I will.

Are you concerned about flying on a Boeing 737 MAX? Would seeing one scheduled to operate your flight actually put you off and make you change it? Or is it all a storm in a teacup? Thank you for reading and if you have any comments or questions, please leave them below.

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Featured image by Steve Lynes via Wikimedia Commons.
Wingtips shot by Oleg V. Belyakov on Spotters.Aero via Wikimedia Commons.
Finnair Douglas DC-10 by Finnair via