Changing My Southwest Flight

It was 2 am. I couldn’t sleep. I was behind preparing for my next speaking engagement at a conference. As my cat crawled across my head I figured I might as well get up and be productive.

You'll get sleep later - like I do!

You’ll get sleep later – like I do!

I opened up Evernote where I toss all kinds of documents, photos, notes and found the agenda for the conference. I’d heard it was an amazing and at times overwhelming experience – 4000 attendees, all in leadership positions with the YMCAs across the USA.

As I reviewed the timing, I realized that my flight would arrive AFTER the first orientation session. Probably not a big deal as a speaker, however, I’ve always tried to attend sessions the day before my talk so I can customize my remarks accordingly.

I reviewed my previous mind map of the speech and started making adjustments. After a bit I got drowsy and went back to sleep.

In the morning I went online to discover it would be $300 additional if I wanted to get on an earlier flight. (I was scheduled for a civilized 3 pm and the only one that would make it online was leaving at 5:50 AM – What the hey?) I called certain that the fee would be waived, only to be told it was a “get-away” fare that couldn’t be changed.

Frustrated I started packing. Then I had an idea …. ask twice! So I went to Twitter and sent a note explaining that I was heading to Kansas City to speak for a non-profit. Was there any possibility I could get the earlier flight (and perhaps a convention size cup of coffee to go).

An Unexpected Answer From SouthwestSouthwest

Thanks for following up, Diane. It looks like the organization purchased a restricted Wanna Get Away fare for you, which doesn’t include complimentary standby. This is included with the Anytime or Business Select fare. Since we’re 3 days out from the flight, it’s typical for the fare difference to only be limited to Anytime or Business Select prices.

That said, I know you’re flying with a purpose, and I’m happy offer a one-time exception to switch you over at no additional charge.

The Lesson Learned Here

Ask twice and of course … be nice! (And I hope it never needs to be said, be honest!)