I’ve blogged on the virtues of cruise line drink packages before. While they are very much a YMMV situation depending on your habits, they are worth a few minutes of consideration in your cruise vacation planning. At best, they really can save you money. At worst, you know most of the cost of your cruise in advance and don’t have to worry about blowing your budget.

Royal Caribbean is running a promotion right now the offers 20 percent off the cost of your beverage package. I can’t guarantee it is available on every sailing, but reports are widespread that if you log into royalcaribbean.com and enter your “Cruise Planner” to shop for the packages, you’ll see the promotion. I did and found the offer.

royal caribbean beverage package

Image courtesy of Royal Caribbean

I was able to pick up the Ultimate Package for $49 per day plus gratuity. The all-in price worked out to $57.82 per person, per day for our short 5-night getaway this fall. That’s actually a perfect deal for us as Royal Caribbean’s Ultimate Package includes bottled water and specialty coffees. We drink lots of coffee and water….and when we’re on vacationing…especially on a short “party” cruise like this, we’ll do our share of imbibing too.

If you are cruising Royal Caribbean soon, check and see if your cruise is eligible for a beverage package discount. It could be worth it depending on your situation.